Here Is How You Can Get Amazing Coffee at a Gas Station

Here Is How You Can Get Amazing Coffee at a Gas Station

A lot of people look at the convenience store coffee machine or gas station coffee machine with trepidation. As though it could never produce good coffee for you. That’s just not the case, though, and here is how you can get great coffee from a gas station.
First, grab your cup. Second, add sugar before the coffee, assuming you take sugar in your coffee.

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This way you know how much sugar you need before you use the coffee machine. Then you pour the coffee, occasionally stirring as you do so. At this point, you’d add milk or creamer, depending on how you take your coffee.
Remember, gas station coffee isn’t supposed to be fancy. It’s supposed to be about grabbing a quick cup and making it as well as you can to fit your taste. Do this as fast as possible to keep the line moving, and know what you like going into the process. This way you can make the best cup of coffee possible for you.

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