Month: May 2016

The Benefits of Plastic Tasting Spoons and Your Business

Providing your customers with a taste of what you offer is essential. Not only can you gain their awareness of the newest flavors that you’re currently providing, but you can show them that they can taste prior to buying the flavors. This is always a 

3 Delicious Frozen Desserts to Enjoy This Summer

Summer is here and that means one thing: it’s ice cream season. Indeed, while 90% of households across the United States regularly indulge in the creamy, dreamy dessert treat, June is actually the month when most ice cream is produced. Perhaps one of the best 

What Your Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream Says About You


Who doesn’t like ice cream or gelato? During the summer– and honestly all year round– getting a cup of the frozen treat with fun color gelato spoons is usually the highlight of your day. But have you ever thought about what your favorite flavor of ice cream says about you?

Chocolate Ice Cream

You are a true classic. You are confident in what you like, and can rarely be swayed to change what your taste buds are craving. You typically dress in chic classics, and skinny blue jeans with a white t-shirt is your go to outfit. You enjoy cold brew coffee, 1920s jazz, and picking tulips out of your garden. Its the simple things, right?

Mint Ice Cream

No matter if it has cookie pieces or chocolate chips in it, if your go to ice cream is mint you are an arsty go-getter. You stray from doing anything mainstream, and thrive in small bookshops drinking organic craft beer. Anything that is different or may seem to be unusual is up your alley, think geometric modern art, learning polish, and getting covered in tattoos in unusual places.

Anything Fruity

You are the fun-loving in your group of friends. Up to anything, you have a bubbly personality that will make any social gathering fun. You love to travel, and thrive on collecting small trinkets from around the world and use them as conversation pieces with strangers. You love bright colors,especially the small gelato spoons you find in Italy, and will be the one the group can always rely on to bring brownies to the office.


You look for caffeine anywhere you can, you crazed maniac. This isn’t always a bad thing, but just as you look forward to a good sip of your piping cup of joe in the morning, a spoonful of coffee ice cream is always a reliable pick me up. You like your ice cream like you like your men, rich and full bodied. Try taking a few deep breaths, and get a good night sleep.

No matter what you choose, ice cream is without a doubt a fantastic treat year round. So next time you’re at an ice cream parlor, try something different and see if your mood changes!

4 Tips for Updating That Ice Cream Shop of Yours

Did you know that the most ice cream is produced in the month of June? Don?t be mistaken, though — Americans are eating this sweet treat year round. In fact, Americans consume ice cream an average of nearly 29 times every single year (and we 

How to Spot Gelato Fraud!

In Italy, gelato has its own set of laws. If you want to sell this rich frozen dairy dessert and call it “gelato” by name, it has to meet certain quality standards, contain certain percentages of butterfat, and satisfy the highly discerning tastes of Italian 

5 Reasons You Should Eat More Chocolate

Chocolate wholesale suppliers

Baking chocolate suppliers have long since said that unsweetened baking chocolate is far better for you than regular chocolate. However, do those baking chocolate suppliers realize that unsweetened chocolate doesn’t taste nearly as good as those deliciously processed, chemical slabs of heart attack? Well, when it’s said that way, maybe it’s not really worth it. Let’s look at a few benefits of baking chocolate and see what those baking chocolate suppliers are on to or if they are just trying to get the world to buy their product.

100% Cacao
While baking chocolate is usually called that because eating it straight doesn’t taste very good, it’s worth mentioning that baking chocolate is typically 100 percent cacao. This means there is no process sugar, no harmful chemicals and few other ingredients. This makes chocolate and healthy be able to sit in the same sentence and actually be true. I bet you never thought you’d see the day where someone told you to eat more chocolate. Well, there’s one more for the baking chocolate. Let’s take a look at a few more benefits.

Melting Point
If you are actually baking with this kind of chocolate, the fact that there aren’t very many other ingredients in it besides the cacao makes it very easy to melt. Regular chocolate often needs a double broiler or it will curdle and burn easily. Baking chocolate tends to cooperate much better and make a very smooth and creamy melted chocolate concoction with the need for butter or cream like regular chocolate usually requires to melt. This makes the whole recipe better for you because you don’t have to add in the fatty foods to make the chocolate actually melt.

Not all baking chocolate is unsweetened. You can purchase semi sweet baking chocolate at stores. The taste of this kind of chocolate is very similar to chocolate chips and is great for baking or just eating like that. The bitter taste is eliminated by the sweetness.

Diet Approved
Many diets such as the Paleo eating plan allow baking chocolate to be eaten as the dessert of the day. In fact, in one article, a health professional stated, “If you are going to cheat, cheat with baking chocolate, because it’s not bad at all and will satisfy that sweets craving we all suffer from every now and again.” So there you have it, stock up on the baking chocolate and you can get through any diet! There are other diets that approve baking chocolate as well, even if they don’t approve white or milk chocolate. Most say that dark chocolate is the closest you’ll get to baking chocolate as well.

Actually Good for You
Baking chocolate contains an antioxidant called flavanols. It comes from the cocoa beans that are used to make the chocolate itself. Antioxidants are a great necessity and help out bodies shield themselves from damage. The main sources of antioxidants are in fruits and vegetables. Another great effect of flavanols is that they can reduce high blood pressure, decrease cholesterol and even boost circulation in our blood flow. So, in a nutshell, chocolate increases your life span.

Yeah, well, so, maybe the baking chocolate suppliers are right. Looks like baking chocolate is the way to go. With all the unhealthy people in America, it is time to take a real, unbiased look at ourselves and find out whether or not we are one of those unhealthy people. Junk food is so cheap and easy it’s not hard to fall in to the trap of eating unhealthily. Everyone wants to be healthy and live better so it’s time to take your own life in your hands and do something about it instead of sitting around and wishing that you were healthier or that you worked out more. Making small changes like switching out milk chocolate for baking chocolate can make a big difference in your life. Try a few small steps at a time and see if it doesn’t change your quality of life. You may be pleasantly surprised at how much better you feel even after only making a few little changes in the way you eat and your activity levels. Use the baking chocolate as a reward for a healthy day at the end of your day.