What Your Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream Says About You


Who doesn’t like ice cream or gelato? During the summer– and honestly all year round– getting a cup of the frozen treat with fun color gelato spoons is usually the highlight of your day. But have you ever thought about what your favorite flavor of ice cream says about you?

Chocolate Ice Cream

You are a true classic. You are confident in what you like, and can rarely be swayed to change what your taste buds are craving. You typically dress in chic classics, and skinny blue jeans with a white t-shirt is your go to outfit. You enjoy cold brew coffee, 1920s jazz, and picking tulips out of your garden. Its the simple things, right?

Mint Ice Cream

No matter if it has cookie pieces or chocolate chips in it, if your go to ice cream is mint you are an arsty go-getter. You stray from doing anything mainstream, and thrive in small bookshops drinking organic craft beer. Anything that is different or may seem to be unusual is up your alley, think geometric modern art, learning polish, and getting covered in tattoos in unusual places.

Anything Fruity

You are the fun-loving in your group of friends. Up to anything, you have a bubbly personality that will make any social gathering fun. You love to travel, and thrive on collecting small trinkets from around the world and use them as conversation pieces with strangers. You love bright colors,especially the small gelato spoons you find in Italy, and will be the one the group can always rely on to bring brownies to the office.


You look for caffeine anywhere you can, you crazed maniac. This isn’t always a bad thing, but just as you look forward to a good sip of your piping cup of joe in the morning, a spoonful of coffee ice cream is always a reliable pick me up. You like your ice cream like you like your men, rich and full bodied. Try taking a few deep breaths, and get a good night sleep.

No matter what you choose, ice cream is without a doubt a fantastic treat year round. So next time you’re at an ice cream parlor, try something different and see if your mood changes!