4 Tips for Updating That Ice Cream Shop of Yours

Custom printed ice cream cups

Did you know that the most ice cream is produced in the month of June? Don?t be mistaken, though — Americans are eating this sweet treat year round. In fact, Americans consume ice cream an average of nearly 29 times every single year (and we all know some people that far surpass this number!).

Many ice cream cafes, especially those in the north U.S., don?t sell ice cream yearround — or if they do, it?s in addition to other items. Coffee shops often invest in having ice cream since it doesn?t require much of a loss of valuable storage or counter space.

What does this mean? When summer comes around, you need to be fully prepared. Here are four tips you should keep in mind for your shop.

Make it a Premium Experience

Most people realize they can go to the grocery store and get a gallon?s worth of ice cream for the same price you?re selling a couple scoops at, so it?s not just ?ice cream? people are looking for when they come to your store. It?s about the whole experience — so make it count. Instead of asking people to pay extra for a sugar cone, make it the standard. Instead of having generic plastic and paper cups, invest in custom ice cream cups that display your name and logo.

Invest in Alternatives Other Than Just Ice Cream (Like Frozen Yogurt Cups Wholesale)

Believe it or not — not everyone is always in the mood for straight up ice cream. This can be because they?re trying to be healthier, trying to lose weight, think the taste is too sweet, etc. For this reason, it can help a lot to offer alternatives. Frozen yogurt has gained a lot of popularity over the past several years, for example. Gelato has also been gaining a lot of attention for its very creamy and condensed flavor. Having gelato and frozen yogurt options at your location can help appeal to a larger variety of clientele. Frozen yogurt cups wholesale are a good investment.

Rethink Your Marketing

We?ve all seen ice cream cafes that haven?t changed their interiors or their ads since 1990. This is a mistake. Ice cream isn?t a business without competition; you?ll be elbowing for space among a ton of other small businesses, not to mention corporate companies like McDonalds also trying to get into the game. If you?re not sure how to change your look, hire a marketer and/or interior designer to get things rolling.

Offer Ways for Consumers to ?Personalize?

There?s a reason why frozen yogurt chains that allow customers to add toppings are so popular — it feeds into the current trend of ?personalizing? menu options. Consumers don?t want just the choice of sprinkles or no sprinkles. Give them plenty of options, whether it’s cookie crumbles or gummy worms that they can add to the top.

Do you agree with this list? Will you be buying frozen yogurt cups wholesale? Let us know what your plan is for revamping your store.