7 Ways You’ve Never Thought of Using Salsa

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Most of us have had a half-used jar of salsa sitting in the fridge from time to time. But if you’ve been doing some research on preserving salsa, you might be getting discouraged about ever using it up. How long does salsa last in the fridge after opening? Only a few weeks. Can you freeze salsa? Not unless you don’t mind the taste and texture of freezer-burned tomatoes. Really, the best thing to do is to find recipes using salsa as an ingredient so you can use up that salsa sooner. Here are seven surpsingly delicious ways you probably never would have thought to use salsa:

  1. Spicy Ketchup

    Just mix any one of the many different types of salsa into your favorite brand of ketchup and you’ve got a sweet-and-spicy dip for French fries or topping off a burger.

  2. Salsa Butter

    Compound butters are usually made with fruits or herbs, but you can make one with salsa, too. Just mix salsa and softened butter, roll into a log and wrap with plastic wrap, and shave off thin slices for adding flavor to meats or eggs.

  3. International Bechamel

    Do a French-Mexican-Italian mashup by making a classic bechamel sauce, stirring in some salsa and then tossing with your favorite type of pasta.

  4. Better Rice

    Spice up bland white rice by stirring in salsa, cheddar cheese and olives.

  5. Grand Grilled Cheese

    Take your grilled cheese to new heights by spreading a layer of salsa between two layers of cheese (if you use just one layer of cheese, the salsa will prevent the cheese from melting into the bread).

  6. New Shrimp Cocktail

    Instead of a dated shrimp cocktail using fried shrimp and a bottled sauce, try grilled shrimp dipped in salsa instead — it’s a fresh twist on a classic party food.

  7. Savory Eggplant

    For a hearty vegetarian entree, combine salsa, breadcrumbs and feta cheese and then use the mixture to stuff halved eggplants (overgrown zucchini would work well too) and bake.

What else is salsa good in? The real question is what is salsa not good in. Share your favorite recipes using salsa in the comments.

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