Five Unique Party Themes to Change up the Boring Holiday Party

Growler caps

Do you want to throw a holiday party, but are tired of the usual, boring parties? This year, change up your celebrations a bit with these exciting party ideas. Your guests will enjoy a break from the traditional holiday celebrations and you will be the hero of party planning this year.

Ugly sweater holiday party

Ugly sweater holiday parties emerged a couple of years ago, but have quickly become a favorite holiday theme. Have you been shopping recently and noticed those gaudy, bright, and colorful holiday themed sweaters? Have you wanted to purchase it, but knew there was nowhere you could really wear it? That is the point of the ugly sweater holiday party. The goal is to find the ugliest sweater that you can find and wear it to the holiday party. An added bonus is that these types of parties are extremely affordable. You can even find an ugly sweater at a local thrift store or get creative, and make your own. Throw on some holiday music and mingle with your friends, talking about each other?s ugly sweater.

Holiday potluck dinner

Most holiday dinners consist of mingling with family that you haven?t seen since last Christmas. Take the joys of the holiday dinner and combine them with your friends. You can remove some of the stress of having to cook for everyone by encouraging that each guest brings a dish to share. Don?t put any restrictions on the type of dish and you are sure to have a unique Christmas dinner. Add to the fun by having everyone also bring growlers of their favorite beer.

Secret Santa gift party

Who doesn?t like getting gifts during the holiday season? If you have too many friends or coworkers to buy for this year, suggest doing a Secret Santa gift party instead. Each person randomly draws one person?s name from a hat and that is the person that they buy for. They try to keep it a secret. You can make the party even more entertaining by having everyone guess who they think their Secret Santa giver is. You could also add a growler keg to this event or consider gifting your secret person with unique growlers to grow their growler collection.

Growler party

Why not throw a growler party? Throw up some holiday decorations to fit with the holiday theme. Then, ask each guest to bring along their favorite growler beer. You are likely to get a wide variety of unique beers, both local and nonlocal. Additionally, you can ask that guests each bring a beer related gift. You can organize a white elephant gift giving game. The rules of the white elephant vary, but you can find ones that work for you and your holiday guests. There are many growler related gifts to purchase including unique beer containers, beer mugs, and even a beer carbonation chart. Most people that enjoy collecting beer growlers also enjoy learning about the history of beer.

Holiday get together

The holidays are already an extremely busy time. If you have a busy season ahead of you, it is okay to have a low effort holiday get together. If you don?t feel like decorating, don?t. If you don?t feel like cooking, order in a pizza for delivery. The important part of the holidays is spending time with your loved ones. If you want to plan a holiday party without all the extras, go right ahead. Your friends will enjoy the time to visit each other.

The holiday season is often full of holiday parties. Many of these parties are traditional and boring. This year, change things up and throw a party that is both unique and entertaining. Plan an ugly sweater party, beer related party, and a simple get together. Make growlers the center of your party and you are sure to have a great time.


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