Top Three Trendy Wedding Venues for 2015

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When it comes to planning a wedding, the second most important choice you’re going to have to make (after finding the perfect dress, of course) is the venue. Most couples carve out a pretty big chunk of their budgets for it and play a huge role in creating the atmosphere and feel of the wedding ceremony and reception. For the record,the best places to have a wedding reception and ceremony is a place that can do both. Here are a few of the trendiest wedding venues for 2015.

Vineyard Weddings
Vineyard weddings are going to feature big this year, as more and more couple find beauty among the grape vines. One of the biggest benefits of having a wedding at a vineyard is the scenery, which is going to help save on decor and flowers — since greenery is built right into the venue. Additionally, it offers the chance for the couple to do a wine tasting in place of a rehearsal dinner, which is more fun and interesting. Vineyards are very romantic wedding places for the couple who wants a sweet ceremony.

Country Club Weddings
Country club weddings are also another popular choice this year. Having a wedding at a country club can be ideal, because they are often equipped to host a cocktail hour, a reception, and a wedding ceremony. Additionally, they generally have expansive grounds, so couples can choose the perfect spot to perform their nuptials — and since it’s outdoors all of the guests are sure to fit.

Farm Weddings
Some of the most beautiful wedding places are farms, for many of the same reasons that these other venues are so popular. Farms offer a lot of natural space and if the couple is lucky, will have a large barn for hasting the festivities. This offers a distinct and rustic look for the wedding that is perfect for the laid back couple.

Are you getting married at any of these trendy venues? Feel free to share your thoughts and plans with us in the comments section below! Links like this.

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