Month: May 2015

The New Herb on the Block

Over the past decade or so, the trend of healthier living has been on the rise. Because of this, people are now branching out and finding new ways to cook with new flavors. Since around 1999, fennel pollen has been on the rise as a 

Three Tricks You Need When Making Ceviche

With a blistering weather fast approaching, it’s a good idea to plan on having some cooler dinners, and what could be better than ceviche? There are tons of different recetas de comidas you can use to make this dish, since it’s so versatile, but there 

Frozen Seafood Suppliers What Your Restaurant Needs to Know

Seafood suppliers

Over the past 20 years, seafood consumption in the United States has ranged from 14.6 to 16.6 pounds per person, per year. Seafood is a staple in the American diet and as such, it is important for restaurant owners and chefs to be aware of different seafood options and trends. Finding a trusted frozen seafood dealer is particularly important to ensuring your customers receive quality seafood dishes.

Seafood farmed in the United States is a growing industry, estimated at about $1.2 million and 725 pounds of fish, annually, in 2009. With the seafood industry growing, it is important to ensure you know where your fresh or frozen seafood is coming from and understand what customers are currently in the market for.

Understanding Seafood Statistics
Knowing what is selling and what is not is an extremely important marketing tool for any industry. The restaurant business is no exception. A well-informed seafood distributer will be able to let you in on the latest seafood reports and trends in fish. For instance, five years ago, 80% of the United States commercial catch of fish was finfish, but it was shellfish that ultimately covered over half of the seafood value.

Breaking Down Types of Seafood
Whether you’re looking to buy fresh fish, frozen seafood, or searching for sushi grade seafood, a reliable supplier who understand the seafood market can be of assistance. Not certain which type of seafood you should be looking for? Suppliers are aware of what types of fish are selling and which aren’t and can help you figure out what will go over well in your restaurant.

Quality Seafood Over Quantity
After uncovering what your guests expect from your seafood menu, you might be tempted to find less expensive options or vendors. Buying fresh or frozen seafood is never a venture you want to take lightly. Only trusted, established suppliers should ever be used, to ensure the safety of your customers. Don’t skimp on quality when it comes to seafood.

Understanding new seafood trends and popular types of seafood are both extremely important for chefs and restaurants. A trusted seafood supplier can help you find the best catch for your business, while offering you quality food that you can trust.