From Their Kitchen to Your Table: Let Food Catering Simplify Your Next Gathering

Planning a special event can be stressful enough without the additional task of preparing the food. This is where food catering can help make any event easier by giving you one less thing to worry about.

Hiring food caterers isn’t just an option for large formal events such as a wedding. While food catering services an average 71 weddings each year, they also serve at an additional 235 non-wedding events, according to The Knot 2017 Small Business Study. Food caterering can be used for a variety of gatherings like a birthday party, holiday party, office party, or even your next barbecue.

The average American eats out 4.5 times per week, excluding breakfast. Food caterering gives you the best of both worlds. It offers the convenience of eating out while providing the comfort of being in your own home.

Because of their professional knowledge, caterers can take the guesswork out of keeping up with the latest food trends. This allows you to impress your guests without spending countless hours researching and learning cooking techniques that will only be used once or twice a year.

The average party size that food caterering has is between 100-250 people, meaning you don’t have to limit your guest list because of your cooking capabilities or your kitchen space. This also makes it easier to plan for those who forgot to RSVP or show up with an extra person. If you’re not the one being tasked to make extra food, it’s not as big of a deal to increase the number of people being served.

Food caterering also makes it easy when dealing with guests that have a range of food allergies and preferences. Have a handful of guests that need gluten-free options while others are craving comfort food? Just ask the caterer what options they have that meet your needs. This makes planning the menu easier because you’re not limited by your cooking knowledge or resources needed to accommodate multiple pallets.

Next time you’re thinking about hosting a barbecue, consider food caterering instead of trying to master the perfect sauce for the wings. Before you go searching for the latest culinary trend to impress your friends and family with at your next holiday party, try researching the best food caterering options instead. Instead of scouring your recipe books for something that’s soy free for the next office party, see what options a caterer can provide for you. By choosing food caterering, you’re giving yourself more time to spend enjoying the event and less time stressing out over it.