5 Reasons Mexican Food is Ideal for Event Catering

Catering for a large event, such as a wedding or a corporate function, can be a daunting task. Not only do you have to choose foods that will please everybody, but you also have to select a tasty food that won’t be boring. However, there is one type of food that is perfect for event catering and that is Mexican food. Though often viewed as casual street food, Mexican food is actually good for all seasons and a variety of events. Here are five reasons why you should consider Mexican dishes for your next catering event:

Tacos are extremely popular: Statistics show that Americans consume over 4 billion tacos each year and over 200 million Americans used Mexican food and ingredients in 2016. Including them in your event catering menu is sure to be popular with your guests, as many of them will have eaten tacos before.

Tacos go with everything: Tacos are quite the versatile food and can be paired with many side dishes, including butternut squash soup, chilled avocado soup, refried beans and Mexican street corn (to name a few examples). They can also be paired with a variety of drinks, including mojitos, sangria, and margaritas. For a catering event, a taco bar could easily be paired with an open bar to allow guests to sample different drinks with their tacos.

It’s easy to find: As of April 2017, there are over 59,800 Mexican restaurants in the U.S., representing around 9% of all restaurants in the country. This means that Mexican food is not only popular, it’s also relatively easy to locate a Mexican restaurant that can cater your event.

Mexican food is perfect for all occasions: Whether you’re in the business of casual catering or corporate catering, Mexican food is ideal for both occasions. Tacos in particular are easily assembled, plus there’s the added advantage of allowing guests to create their own tacos the way they like to eat them.

The healthy option: Compared to heavier foods, tacos are light but filling at the same time. They can also be prepared in a number of ways to make them suitable for vegetarians or vegans. For example, instead of using meat as the primary ingredient, a vegetarian taco could be made with tofu, roasted cauliflower, or grilled zucchini.

So there you have it! Instead of struggling to pick a catering menu for your next event, try Mexican cuisine and watch everyone have a great time.