3 Tips for Purchasing the Perfect Growler for Someone

Co2 growler

Many people around the world love consuming a cool and refreshing beer. In fact, statistics show that 14% of adults in the United States drink at least beer once a week. Considering that, a growler makes a wise choice for someone who enjoys beer. Growlers are often used to transport craft beers. Considering that the United States craft beer market is worth nearly $24 billion, it makes sense that a growler would make the perfect gift for someone you know that loves beer. With that in mind, here are three ways to make your growler gift stand out.

  1. Considering an Insulated Growler

    Many of those who consume alcohol wish their beverages would remain at the proper temperature. Considering that, it can be extremely hard for someone to enjoy a cold beer while the drink warms up in a matter of minutes. With that in mind, an insulated stain steel growler makes the perfect for the beer lover looking for a way to keep this beverage chilled for long amounts of time.
  2. Mini Keg Growlers are Great Gift Ideas

    You’ll find that mini keg growlers make great gifts for those that prefer to drink beer from a keg. A mini keg growler ensures that someone is always able to enjoy beverage straight from the keg while having a convenient container to walk around with. In addition, a mini keg growler is definitely something that a beer drinker will want to show off to their drinking buddies.
  3. Consider Personalizing a Growler

    Statistics gathered from a 2016 Gallup poll found that 43% of those who drink prefer beer over wine and other types of spirit. With that in mind, you’ll find that a personalized growler makes a great idea to give someone a beer container that stands out from the rest. Being able to give someone a beer growler with their initials is sure to make your gift a huge hit.

To summarize, there are several things to consider while purchasing a growler for the special someone in your life. While a growler is made to keep beer at optimal drinking conditions, there are times when the weather is simply too hot outside. Considering that, an insulated growler is a great gift for someone wanting to enjoy a cold beer in hot weather. There are also growler mini kegs that are great for anyone in your life that enjoys consuming beer. In addition, choosing to order a personalized growler is guaranteed to give that special someone a gift they could not find in stores.