The Perfect Honey Gifts for the Honey Enthusiast

Royal jelly capsules

Are you looking for the perfect gift for that unique honey lover? Do you know someone who could put honey on anything? Are they constantly eating something that is honey flavored? Do they always have a large jar of royal jelly capsules made of honey in their home cupboard? There are a lot of honey followers. In fact, Americans consume about 1.3 pounds of honey per person per year. Honey enthusiasts, however, are an entirely different kind of honey follower. Because of this, they are simple to purchase gifts for. Consider the following honey preferred gifts for that honey flavored enthusiast in your life.

Honey flavored candies

Candy is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys sweets. Honey candy is an even better option for those who love honey flavored anything. Honey candy is usually made out of raw honey, giving the consumer the strong flavor of honey that they enjoy. There are also so many options available when it comes to honey candy. There are even flavored honey straws for the honey follower that wants an additional taste of honey in their dessert.

Beekeeping supplies

What if your loved one had the ability to grow their own honey? Then they could consume as much honey as they wanted. They would also have the ability to learn how honey is made and how they can affect the bee colony populations. You can purchase a beekeeping kit, which is perfect for first time bee keepers. If your loved one is already somewhat familiar with beekeeping, consider purchasing them a beekeeper hat or beekeeper gloves for added protection. Even a book on beekeeping can be helpful in improving the current management of beekeeping colonies.

Pure honey

Although honey candy mimics the taste of honey, nothing can compare to the pure taste of raw organic honey. Raw organic honey is fresh honey, giving the consumer the strongest taste possible of the honey. This is a unique flavor and not everyone enjoys it so strong. However, it is a great gift option for those that do. The raw organic honey can also be very healthy and beneficial to the body. Bee pollen, usually food for young honey bees, is about 40% protein and is rich in amino acids. Those who receive the most health benefits from raw organic honey tend to add it to their breakfast and find ways to consume it throughout the day, as well.

Beekeeper donations

Honey enthusiasts also enjoy other types of beekeeper gifts. With current honeybee populations being low, provide your loved one with a donation in their name to increasing populations. Some donations also come with a gift, such as royal jelly capsules. Your loved one will enjoy the free gift, while also feeling good about the donation that was made on behalf of them. Your donation will also be helping out local crops, as one pellet of bee pollen contains more than 2 million grains of flower pollen.

Royal jelly capsules

Royal jelly capsules are a unique gift that comes from honeybees. Although the taste is a little different than that of pure and raw organic honey, it is also produced by honeybees. Instead, the royal jelly capsules are of a milky substance. The texture is very different than that of the organic honey. Royal jelly capsules can be an extremely unique gift for that person who already has a cupboard full of honey products.

The United States consumes more honey than any other nation. It also seems that when a person likes honey, they cannot get enough of it. If you have a true honey enthusiast in your life, consider the many different honey gift giving options. Your honey follower will enjoy pure organic honey as an additive, the milky substance of royal jelly capsules, beekeeping kits or supplies, beekeeping educational materials, or a donation to help out the current low colony count of honeybees. Either way, your loved one is sure to appreciate the honey focused gift.