Month: April 2017

Three Different Types Of Ice Cream Around The World

Ice cream is undeniably a popular dessert in the United States. In fact, about 9% of all of the milk produced by American dairy farmers is used to make ice cream. Although June is the month in which the most ice cream is produced, Americans 

Four Things That the Good Coffee Shops Have in Common

Coffee is everything. It’s a huge staple in our diets. Our brains can’t run without it. It’s also a huge social thing. There is nothing more comforting to the soul than sitting down with a cherished friend at a local coffee shop and enjoying quality 

Three Things to Keep in Mind with X-Ray Food Inspection and How it Can Benefit Consumers

Thermoformed trays

X-ray food inspection is important, because if provides companies the opportunity to screen various types of food that are packaged to ensure consumer safety. This is helpful, since sometimes incidents can occur when items are packaged in the food that should not be there. This could be anything, from metal to other metallic type containments. There are three types of metallic substances that most food metal detectors can find. These include stainless steel, ferrous, and non ferrous substances. Here are three things to be aware of with food x-ray machines.

A Food X-Ray Machine Can Detect Small Amounts of Metal That Are Otherwise Untraceable

X-ray detection can find traces of metal in prepared and boxed food that amounts to 1.5 mm or less. By being able to look inside the packaging, companies are able to ensure that food meets safety standards. This also helps them in avoiding lawsuits since consumers who find metal pieces in their food would most likely sue due to negligence. Being able to go through the packaged products and ensure there is nothing in there that could cause harm is important for consumer safety. X-Ray food inspection provides that extra benefit of keeping food safe for consumption.

A Food Metal Detector Can Save Money

Food metal detectors can save a company a great deal of money by allowing the company to double-check their products. By doing this, companies can avoid lawsuits and other bad publicity that may come with having products that are unchecked or have otherwise defective issues. In today?s day and age, consumers who find defective food products can quickly voice their opinion and distaste for a company, by leaving bad reviews and discussing the issue they are having on social media. Therefore, it truly pays for companies to double check food with a food metal detector before releasing it for public consumption.

An X-Ray Food Machine Ensures Another Step in Compliance

By having food and food products go through an x-ray food inspection, individuals can rest assured that the food they are purchasing has gone through an additional step in compliance and protection. This is because it gives the company the chance to ensure the food they are selling meets the quality and standards they want to provide to the public.

There are many reasons why a food metal detector is so important. It ensures that there are no containments in the food being sold to customers. It also prevents bad publicity from occurring, since it ensures there is no metal in anything being sold. It is also another step in compliance, giving consumers added protection in the food they are purchasing.

Four Ways People Ruin Their Micro Green Dishes

If you have ever watched any of the many hit cooking TV shows on right now, you know about the many micro green varieties that are sweeping the culinary world. Micro greens are leafy vegetables or herbs that are harvested right after their true leaves