The Incredible Popularity of Gelato and Frozen Yogurt

Ice cream spoons

Who doesn’t love gelato and frozen yogurt? Sure, some people are partial to one versus the other, but we can all agree that both are tasty! In fact, 90 percent of households in the United States say that they regularly have a frozen treat like gelato or frozen yogurt. Many cities have seen a huge increase in the number of self serve frozen yogurt stores pop up because of this intense popularity. At the end of 2013 the nation had over 2500 frozen yogurt stores alone. If you are considering getting into the frozen yogurt business or perhaps adding gelato to your already existing dessert shop, here are a few things to know:

1. Get the Right Supplies – If you plan on serving both frozen yogurt and gelato then you’ll need to make sure you serve each on in the right container. For instance, there are specific gelato cups and spoons. They are smaller than typical cups because gelato is much richer than standard frozen yogurt, and the spoons are smaller to make the patron feel like they are indulging that much more. Gelato is not often served on a cone, but frozen yogurt can be. Having the right gelato and frozen yogurt supplies is more important than one might think!

2. Understanding the Product – Many people know what gelato looks like and tastes like, but do not understand what makes it different from ice cream. The answer is simple: gelato has much less air in it which makes it more thick and dense. Gelato ends up around 25-30 percent air whereas ice cream contains more than 50 percent air after it’s churned.

3. Variations – Many frozen yogurt shops are realizing that the treat can easily be manipulated into other types of desserts. For instance, there are frozen yogurt shops that make milkshakes with certain flavors and others that use their frozen yogurt as a topping for crepes that are made in house. Offering variety encourages customers to return and try the new offerings!

The good news about opening your own gelato or frozen yogurt store is that the product is already loved by consumers, you just have to sell it and create an inviting space. Remember to use the right supplies (like gelato cups and spoons), understand your product, and be open to variations on the common theme.