Screaming for Ice Cream!

Unsurprisingly, Americans love ice cream! Whether you prefer yummy gelato or frozen yogurt cups, you would be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t indulge in these summer desserts – you alone are estimated to spoil yourself with ice cream at least 28 times this year. Considering the fact that ice cream contains more than 50% air after the churning process, and gelato between 25% to 30%, it’s easy to understand why eating it always makes us feel like our heads are in the clouds. Speaking of summer, the month that produces the most ice cream is June; with its warm weather and endless frozen dessert choices, it’s no wonder that we all crave those frozen treats.

Ice cream also has the magical ability to bring us back to our childhoods. Remember the joy of seeing those colorful ice cream cups and seemingly endless tasting spoons? If you didn’t try at LEAST five flavors, each with its own tiny tasting spoon that gave you just the barest hint of what was to come, you were missing out! It was so easy to press your face against the glass of the ice cream buffet, eyes wide at the limitless choices. Vanilla may be the most popular ice cream flavor in the world, but it was always the weird ones that caught and kept attention: pumpkin, cake, mango… even cotton candy!

They were always served in delightful containers, usually with colored spoons (maybe to match the candy that you added on top)! Sometimes, the best way to make the fun last was to use those little tasting spoons to eat your frozen treat of choice, one itty bitty scoop at at time. Ice cream shop supplies never ceased to dazzle and amaze children and adults alike, creating a sensory experience that you’d remember all your life. Whether you ordered ice cream sundaes or gelato cups, you always left happy.

The next time you see a small child eagerly grasping at their brightly colored, barely-fits-in-their-hand tasting spoon, remember the way you felt at that age experiencing the same joy and wonder. And then buy your own dessert cup and relive that memory in all its glory.