14 Very Interesting Facts About Ice Cream

Paper cups

Ice cream is one of those things that nobody hates. How can you, really? There’s so many delicious flavors available that there’s something for everyone. Sure, the weather might not be suitable one day or you just don’t feel like it on another day, but that doesn’t mean you love it any less. This is a very common food that pregnant women actually crave. And what the baby wants, the baby should get, no matter the weather outside. Not so sure about the pickles that supposedly go along with it but the ice cream alone sounds like a great craving. From paper ice cream cups with lids to elegant banana splits in glass bowl, ice cream has been serving the world happiness for generations. Here are a few fun facts for you to mull over about ice cream over the years.

  1. Americans, on average, consume 45.8 pints, or 26 liters of ice cream each, per year. That’s four times the amount of blood that circulates around the human body. Too bad we can replace our blood with ice cream!

  2. Around the world, each year, about 15 billion liters or almost three and a half billion gallons of ice cream are eaten. That’s the size of 5,000 Olympic sized swimming pool. That’s a lot of ice cream.

  3. NASA stated that of all of the things that astronauts miss most while being out in space, ice cream is among the top three. Pizza and soda were the other two items that they missed the most.

  4. There are actually states in the United States that have put regulations on the maximum size container than ice cream can be in. Those states are Hawaii and Wisconsin. It’s okay, you can just buy multiple containers.

  5. Ben and Jerry ice cream was started by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield. Bagel making was their first choice but they chose ice cream because the bagel making machines cost to much. Thank goodness!

  6. Before Elvis died, his final meal was four scoops of ice cream and six chocolate chip cookies. Now to find out what kind of ice cream it was that he consumed in those last moments.

  7. History states that George Washington was the first president to eat ice cream. Well, he was the first president all around so that makes sense. Anyway, the date was June 13, 1789. A day to remember.

  8. The first time that ice cream was referenced in the English language, as least that we know of, was in 1672. The context of the conversation is unknown but it was probably a lively debate.

  9. The most ice cream every eaten in the shortest amount of time was 1.75 gallon or 11/66 pints within eight minutes. What made them stop? Brain freeze, quite possibly. No one would stop by choice.

  10. Paper cups were invented around 1907 so it would be safe to assume that paper ice cream cups with lids came along shortly after. As soon as some one realize that ice cream in a paper cup was necessary to life.

  11. The reason that the treat is called ICE cream is because before milk got involved, the dessert was actually made from ice. I wonder if they still service it as paper ice cream cups with lids.

  12. The biggest ever ice cream weighed more than 24 tons. That’s about three and a half elephants. Makes me wonder who ate it all and if that was the guy that ate 1.75 gallons in eight minutes.

  13. Apparently, one cone of ice cream can be completely consumed in 50 licks. I guess that really depends on how big the ice cream is and how hot the weather is and how big your tongue is.

  14. If you eat a gallon of ice cream, don’t feel bad. It took 12 gallons of milk to make that so you simply are getting in your recommended amount for the next eight weeks…at one time.

You may think these facts are entirely useless to your way of life but ice cream should never be called useless. Paper ice cream cups with lids are some of the best inventions in the world and should be revered and respected with admiration and delight. Don’t let your cynical view of the world impede your thoughts on these delicious frozen dessert cups.