Sanitary Pumps — What They Do and Why You Should Care

Electric drum pump chemical

Many industries have the recurring need for pumping equipment. Facilities such as water purification plants, chemical manufacturing plants, crude oil processing plants, food and beverage companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers and breweries all need some kind of pumping equipment as an integral part of their day to day processes. Businesses that meet daily public needs, like gas stations, also require the use of pumps. When it comes to pumps, if you are looking for something that can prevent contamination, render itself to easy cleaning and maintenance, and still offer you high levels of performance, sanitary pumps can be your best bet.

Sanitary pumps can find their use in many industries, owing to their versatile nature and easy operation. These pumps ensure that no contamination happens during operation, and are usually modular, making it really easy to take them apart for thorough cleaning. A number of manufacturers make a variety of these pumps in many forms and sizes, and with a plethora of optional features.

Some of the important fields where sanitary pumps can find their use are –

  • Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals – Chemical and pharmaceutical industries address some very important needs, and therefore need the choicest of precision equipment as part of their operations and processes. The large chemical and pharmaceutical industry in America is worth over 700 billion dollars, and their day to day operations require high performance pumping equipment. Chemical drum pumps are usually the pumps of choice for this industry, and form important links in the production chain.
  • Water Purification – Clean water is one of the bare minimum civic amenities that is needed by every family. Water purification plants routinely use machines like pneumatic drum pumps and diaphragm pumps to ensure that their processes remain fast, effective and hassle-free.
  • Gas Stations – Gasoline remains among one of the most needed fuels in the country with billions of cars on the road. The industry is large, with over 100,000 functional stations in America with an annual sales of almost $250 million. Dispensing precise, accurate amounts of gas to hundreds of customers on a daily basis requires high quality pumps that can be relied on, and electric drum pumps fit the bill accurately.

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