The Top 3 Summer Treats to Cool You Down

Ice cream cups

When summertime hits, a surveyed 90% of Americans like nothing better then a frozen treat to cool themselves off in the summer heat. The craze starts in June and continues through September; these are the months when production for frozen confections is highest, especially June. To celebrate summertime fun, we listed some statistics on the most popular summertime treats.

Popsicles are often a frozen liquid with real or artificial fruit flavors and colors added. Children especially love the myriad of colors and flavors affixed to sticks, making them a popular item for ice cream truck sales. Popsicles can come on a stick or in little plastic drink cups for mess-free eating.

Ice Cream
Ice cream cups are the most popular frozen treat in America with the average American consuming ice cream approximately 29 times this year. In any two-week period around the year, up to 40% of the American population will indulge in ice cream or frozen yogurt with vanilla on the ends 28% of American’s plastic tasting spoons, making it the country’s most popular flavor.

The rich, decadent creaminess of gelato cups makes them much different experiences than eating ice cream, maybe because ice cream contains up to 50% more air during churning. By comparison gelato contains between 3 and 8% milkfat and between 25 to 30% air during churning. This Italian take on ice cream cups is gaining popularity on U.S. beaches, resorts, and parks. Anyone who can’t tell the difference between a paper ice cream cup and gelato cups obviously has never tasted it!

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