Different Ways to Use Hummus That Might Surprise You


Everyone knows that beans are good for your heart, but did you know that they’re considered one of the most versatile foods? Many varieties of beans naturally possess a mild, nutty flavor that provides the perfect base or compliment to other food pairings and flavors. A great example of this is hummus dips, whose base ingredient is ground chickpeas.

While there are several variations and flavors of hummus, most hummus dip recipes call for a combination of pureed chickpeas, fresh spices such as garlic, and lemon juice. That’s it! After all, simpler is almost always better when it comes to food. Some varieties of hummus spread — especially those made in the Mediterranean or Middle East where hummus has its origins — may include the addition of tahini (a paste consisting of ground sesame seeds), a drizzle of olive oil, or a garnish of fresh parsley.

So what can hummus be used for? Well, just about anything! The question should be, what can’t hummus be used for? Similar to other dips and spreads, there are a number of different and sometimes surprising uses for hummus.

While one of the most common uses for hummus spread is for dipping pita bread, chips and fresh vegetable, hummus is a extremely versatility food that can be used in place of other condiments, or to add flavor and a smooth texture. For example, hummus can be used as a substitute for sour cream on a baked potato. Similarly, you can add a dollop of hummus to soups and stews such as chili, black soup, or gazpacho. Try experimenting with other uses for hummus spread, such as using it in place of mayonnaise for chicken or tuna salad.

You can even have hummus for breakfast! Instead of spreading butter on your favorite toast, try hummus! The smooth, creamy texture and flavor are a great compliment to almost any kind of bread. Also, hummus can be added to scramble eggs for additional flavor.

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