The Components of a Successful Business Idea

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When it comes to identifying successful business ideas, most potential entrepreneurs know to look for what their community needs and think of ways to fill that void. However, this isn’t the only component to the most successful business ideas: entrepreneurs also have to find ways to stand out and give customers a reason to remember them. One New York event planning company found a way to accomplish this in a way that might surprise you, if only because surprise is their specialty.

Everyone who has ever had to plan any sort of event knows exactly how difficult it can be to come up with an exciting concept and bring it to life. This might be why Surprise Industries, which plans everything from trapeze lessons to private beer tastings, is so successful. Founded by Tania Luna, Kat Dudina and Maya Gilbert in 2008, the company plans events for individuals and companies, which their clients have no details about until they attend. To plan these experiences, the clients are simply asked what type of experience they would like and what type of event it is for. Surprise Industries then plans the entire experience, contacts the right vendors, and facilitates the event.

While it may be hard to believe Surprise Industries is an example of successful business ideas, the company’s record says it all: not only did the founders win $10,000 from a competition for successful business ideas to help them get started, but they have since worked with clients that included Christian Dior and L’Oreal. Currently, they have planned surprises for family reunions, vacations, corporate team-building events, company parties and more. What’s more, the company is working on expanding beyond New York City. But why is this company so successful, when so many others have failed?

The answer is in the service they provide: event planning is a stressful endeavor, and not everyone is able to think of creative, fun and interesting ideas for their professional and personal events. But there are thousands of event planning companies around the world; Surprise Industries stands out by offering a touch of mystery, excitement and luxury. This same technique can apply to other industries just as well. Take coffee franchises, for example: this hot beverage is a popular product that will likely always be in demand, but with dozens of coffee shops in any given city, it can be difficult to stand out. This is why things like coffee vans and mobile cafes are often very successful: they not only fill consumers’ needs, but are also extremely convenient and unique, giving people yet more reasons to get another cup of coffee. With these benefits, it is no wonder useful and interesting companies like Surprise Industries and mobile cafes are considered some of the most successful business ideas at work today.

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