Month: January 2015

The Components of a Successful Business Idea

When it comes to identifying successful business ideas, most potential entrepreneurs know to look for what their community needs and think of ways to fill that void. However, this isn’t the only component to the most successful business ideas: entrepreneurs also have to find ways 

What Can Microgreens and Edible Flowers Be Used For?

Have you ever received a beautifully garnished dish and marveled at the presentation? The effect isn’t as hard as you might think; these dishes are achieved through using different types of edible flowers and savory seedlings known collectively as microgreens. Microgreens can add a wonderful 

Four the Most Delicious Guacamole Sandwiches of All Time

Natural guacamole

Pretzels and guacamole are great and all, but guacamole sandwiches are better. Here are a few, mouthwatering guacamole sandwiches you should feast on.

Guacamole Grilled Cheese.

If you haven’t had a guacamole grilled cheese, then you haven’t really lived. Take two pieces of bread, and spread guac on each. Then add thick cuts of whichever cheese you’d like to use, though pepper jack is particularly good. Throw on some tomato, onion, and/or ham for extra flavor, and assemble the sandwich. Melt some butter over medium to medium low heat in a pan, and put the assembled sandwich on it. Brown both sides, and then enjoy!

Breakfast Guacamole Sandwiches.

Who said you couldn’t have guacamole sandwiches for breakfast? First make some toast or toast an english muffin, and spread some guacamole on it. Then, fry an egg to your liking (over easy is particularly good). Slice a tomato, and some onion. Put the egg and veggies on the guacamole covered toast or English muffin, and there you have it.

Guacamole Burgers.

Guacamole burgers are a neat little take on an American classic. Just top your burger with lettuce, tomato, and onion, as you’d normally do, and spread some guacamole on the bun. Add some bacon, Monterrey Jack, and jalapeno, and there you have it.

Tomato, Cucumber and Guacamole Sandwiches.

Tomato, cucumber, and guacamole sandwiches are an elegant, easy dish to have on a hot day. Spread guacamole on the bread, top it with four slices of cucumber, two slices of onion, some cilantro, and a thick slice of tomato, and enjoy.

The next time you have fresh guacamole dips left over, try putting it on a sandwich instead of just having it the same way over again. If you know any other awesome recipes using guacamole, feel free to share in the comments.

Dining Out in a Group? Here’s How to Find a Good Sushi Restaurant

Going out to eat with friends or family is fun for everyone, but it can get confusing when trying to find a place that will please everyone. Some in your party may prefer small dishes to share, while others may want a nice sized meal