Tips on Hiring a Caterer

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It’s the holiday season which means lots of gatherings with new friends and old. Some of these are informal parties while others are formal business events, but all of them have a few things in common, most notably spending time with friends and eating delicious food. Receptions halls are a common place to hold such events, but the best event locations include more than just traditional settings. The style of a banquet venue should match the feel and purpose of the event, so more formal gatherings often benefit from being held at established, professional locations.

Even if you’re familiar with the best event locations in your area, one of the most stressful aspects of planning the details of a party is the food. A full service caterer can help with this, and they often can take on other responsibilities too, such as providing linens, chains, tables, flowers, and decor. Basic caterers only provide food, so it’s important to coordinate other items and vendors with them beforehand so there are no misunderstandings. If you’re wondering whether to hire an event caterer this holiday season, keep reading to learn a few tips for hiring a caterer.

  • Have some ideas for the menu
    It’s best to have an idea of what food will be served before meeting with a caterer, but it’s okay if you don’t because these companies have expertise in menu planning. If there are any special requests you or any guests have, like a unique dessert, it’s good to tell your caterer as early as possible so they have enough time to plan and prepare the menu.
  • Be aware of any dietary restrictions
    If the event has lots of guests, this is especially important and you should make sure you are aware of any allergies or special diets, like people who are vegetarians or gluten-free, long before the date of the event. The caterer does a lot of work to prepare the menu and this happens in advance to minimize problems on the big day. The caterer needs to know about any restrictions as soon as possible to ensure there are no problems with the menu.
  • Catering can save money
    This refers to the cost difference between catering and ordering individual plates, as the former is usually less expensive. Buffet foods are often cheaper and easier to prepare, but the big drop in price is because fewer servers are required. Serving individual plates requires a whole team of waiters, chefs, and people to clean up, but buffet lines only require a few people to pull the whole dinner together. If you’re worried about the impact a party will have on your budget, this is one way to cut costs without having a big impact on the overall feeling of the event.
  • Choose healthier options for your menu
    Just because i’s the holiday season doesn’t mean you have to indulge in all of the fattening and sugary treats that are often available. In recent years, caterers have become much more willing to work with clients who want healthy foods incorporated into the menu, and a professional chef can make even the healthiest foods taste delicious.

Do you have any tips on finding the best event locations for the holidays? Are you experienced with catering and events and have any advice for people who don’t know where to begin? What are some of the best banquet locations you’ve been to and how did you find them? Please let us know your thoughts in a comment below. Research more here.

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