The Top Three Things You Did Not Know About Microgreens

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Microgreens have become very useful in the modern world, but even so, there really is not a lot of awareness about them in that world. People have been growing microgreens for a while and they have started appearing in more and more places, but many people haven’t even heard the term. Here are three things you should know about growing microgreens and how they affect you:

1. Microgreens Appear Everywhere in Food

Microgreens appear in all sorts of drinks, jellies, salads, and so on, but also appear in the form of nearly every spice you can think of, such as amaranth, cabbage, celery, cress, mustard, parsley, and radish, to name a few. People grow microgreen sugar flowers for cupcakes and weddings as well. They are so omnipresent in the kitchen today that it would be shocking if someone had not seen an example of one, even if they did not know them by that name. Without microgreens, meals would be a lot more bland — and in the case of vegetarians, perhaps a bit harder to come by!

2. They Need Not Be Used to Complement Anything Else

Microgreens are used in scores of recipes and meals, but they need not be used to accent any other meal. Many microgreens are tasty all by themselves! Microgreens typically have a vibrant taste and a fresh appearance. They can constitute a meal all by themselves if push comes to shove!

3. Microgreens Are Not Sprouts

One very common misconception about microgreens is that they are essentially just sprouts. As you can see by what constitutes a microgreen, however, this is patently untrue. To limit them to sprouts would exclude scores and scores of examples of microgreens in nature and in the garden. What do you think of these microgreens?

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