Are You Planning a Birthday Cake? You May Want to Consider Using Edible Flowers

Micro rainbow mix

Are you planning a special occasion and you are looking for a different kind of decoration? Perhaps you need the perfect accent for a birthday or anniversary cake. If so, you may want to consider getting flower crystals or microgreens. Edible flowers and plants may be just the thing to get. Microgreens are different from sprouts.

One way to tell is that if there is a root left behind after a stem is severed, and it is not grown in water, it is not a sprout, but a microgreen. In Europe since around 2002, micro greens that are grown using cellulose pulp have been sold. It may take as long as six weeks for certain types to grow, while others can grow within a week.

But why use flower crystals and edible flowers for cake decorating, cheese platters, or even cocktails. These candied flowers are dried after being covered with a sugar solution. They are in a sense caramelized, and are great as edible presentations.

If you have additional questions, comments, or recommendations about how to use either edible flowers or even microgreens, feel free to share your thoughts in the forum below.

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