Yellow Grease Collection Tools The Dolly

Yellow Grease Collection Tools  The Dolly

The oil dolly which is used for yellow grease collection is an amazing innovation that allows for the safe and clean transportation and disposal of used oil. This long, green, rectangular tube is used in conjunction with specific disposal bins.

The innovative design has a long body that holds roughly five gallons of used oil or yellow grease. It is designed to connect to the bottom of fryers or make it easier to dump tubs of yellow grease into the container.

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At the mouth of the dolly is a large opening that is thicker than the rest of the body. This allows the user to roll the dolly up to a container meant for disposal and dump the yellow grease or oil into the bin without losing grip. There’s a handle at the base between the wheels which makes it easier to lift up the yellow grease collection unit.

Perhaps one of the handiest features of this tool is that you can easily store the product for future use. There is a kickstand that allows you to store it in a corner or it can also be stored underneath tables if the kickstand is popped against the body of the dolly. To find out more about this dolly, take a look at the video above.


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