Tips for Planning an Outdoor Tex Mex Food Truck Rodeo

Tips for Planning an Outdoor Tex Mex Food Truck Rodeo

Talk about bringing two great worlds together. What better pairing than Texas-style food mixed with Mexican-style food? Food and beverage services will always be successful, so if you plan to host a Tex Mex Food Truck Rodeo in Clarksville, Tennesee, you will be successful. For tips on Tex-Mex cooking, review the YouTube video “Tex Mex Restaurant Style Enchiladas” for ideas. You don’t just have to host the truck fair; you can participate as well.

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Your first step is to define your budget for the food truck fair. Your budget will be subdivided into smaller categories to cover each part of your event. The biggest part of your budget will go to the venue. You could host your event in a free location, but you’d have to consider what amenities you also need to cater to, as free locations don’t always feature restrooms.

A porta potty rental in Clarksville, TN provides everything you need to meet the needs of your attendees. Many service providers offer great products, a wide selection, and affordable prices. Book your venue, then book your portable toilets and notify your vendors. Your planning is almost complete if these three elements are planned and booked!

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