Considerations For The Growing Role Of Reefer Trailers In The United States And Beyond

Considerations For The Growing Role Of Reefer Trailers In The United States And Beyond

Reefer trailers, from wholesale reefer units to used trailer refrigeration units for sale, are becoming more and more popular here in the United States. As a matter of fact, the data that has been gathered on the subject is more than in support of this claim. This data shows, after all, that even in the year between the January of 2017 and the January of 2018, the overall sales for used reefer trailers and new ones alike grew by as much as a full 250%, a truly impressive percentage indeed, of this there is just no doubt. And in the month of January in the year of 2018, a whopping total of 40,000 reefer trailers for sold. This just goes to show how much the demand for both new and used reefer trailers has continued to climb and climb. With up to half of a million reefer units already found in full operation throughout the country, this number is only likely to keep going up and up.

And here in the United States, there are even certain parts of the country in which both new and used reefer trailers for sale have become not only particularly popular, but particularly essential as well. For instance, it is common to see reefer trailers, including used reefer trailers, for use in states like California, particularly in the cities of Los Angeles and Long Beach. This is because these two cities are two of the top five ports seen all throughout the United States. Other major port cities include, as you might expect, both New York and New Jersey as well as Seattle and Tacoma and Savannah. In these cities, the usage of used reefer trailers as well as brand new reefer trailers is certainly something hugely important, helpful, and even necessary in many a case.

Of course, reefer units for sale, from used reefer trailers to brand new ones, have grown more and more popular in the world as a whole as well. In fact, the global market for reefer trailers is actually expected to be worth well over $7,600 billion all by the time that the next two years elapse. This marks a CAGR of more than 4.5% between the year of 2016 and the still to be seen year of 2022 alone. And the growth rates here are certainly impressive. Back in the year of 2015 after all, this global market was actually only worth around $5 billion. And while this is still certainly an impressive amount by the vast majority of our standards, it is also true that the growth we are likely to see and have already seen has been nothing short of impressive as well.

When buying a reefer trailer for sale, of course, there will still be a number of things that you must consider. For instance, used reefer trailers will be much less expensive than brand new reefer trailers for sale. Therefore, many people are choosing used reefer trailers, as many of these used reefer trailers are still in very good condition, all things considered. Choosing used reefer trailers can make reefer trailers affordable in the first place, as many small businesses without the necessary cash flow to buy a brand new reefer trailer will be able to purchase a used one.

Of course, other factors also come into play. For instance, the variance of heights seen in both new and used reefer trailers also be factored in, as too must the overall length of the trailer in question. As a matter of fact, reefer trailers can reach a total height of 13.5 feet – but not all will. And some reefer trailers can be as long as 53 total feet, while others will be no longer than a mere 28 feet. And most won’t be able to handle a load of more than 44,000 pounds. All of these things should be taken into ample consideration when it comes to buying a reefer trailer, whether you’re looking at used reefer trailers or instead brand new ones. Fortunately, there are a great many reefer trailers for sale out there, of this there is no doubt.

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