Candy That Ruled Every Decade

Candy That Ruled Every Decade

Everyone loves candy, no matter their age. One in every four American adults chooses to have a piece of candy every day. What makes the sweet treat even special is to enjoy the same flavor you love since you were six years old. Retro candy will take you down memory lane and remember the sweet old times.

The candy world has evolved a lot over time. Since the Aztecs in 3000 BC who enjoyed chocolate flavors to Joseph Fry’s candy bar in 1847 and now to Snickers and Oreos. The candy scene has changed over time. Let’s roll back time and look at some of the most popular bars and sweets since the ’40s

The ’40s

The Second World War is gathering pace. Food and resources are under acute rationing. However, this doesn’t prevent the release of the Bazooka bubble gum by the Topps Candy Company. Chewing on the sweet gum wrapped in red, blue, and white. Who can forget the Candy Cigarettes in their regular or chocolate flavors? Although marked by conflict, the era ends sweetly with some sugary Smarties and Licorice with their smoking pipes.

The ’50s

The G.Is are slowly settling in from the war. The space race is on while rock n’ roll is born. Relaxing during the hot summer afternoons chewing on the Chocolate gold coins. The economy is on an upswing, and candy cigarettes are still a thing. Pixy stix by Sunline Inc. brought insane sugar rush from the two feet straw-like candy. Atomic fireballs are the real deal. Daring your friends to handle the heat from these fiery cinnamon jawbreakers that would burn your tongue. Throwing in some Charleston chews or the Mood Rings in your anniversary candy bars will create some nostalgic moments.

The ’60s

Elvis Presley is driving everyone wild with his music as the Nation mourns the loss of two heroes. The Swedish Fish and Swedish Berries from Malaco are gathering root among the kids. The Astro Pop left you feeling like astronauts. Retro Candy like the raspberry flavor gum, Razzles, feature too in the 1960s. The fruit stripe gum by Beech-Nut quickly became a favorite. The different flavors from Now and Laters “Eat Some Now, Kid” will definitely bring back memories during your wedding party.

The ’70s

The retro candy from the first ‘Star Wars’ movie release still make us yearn the sweetness of the gobstoppers. The 1971 movie” Willy Wonka andamp; The Chocolate factory” inspires an entirely new line of Choco bars and treats. Charms’ Blow pops hit the stores with a bang. The candy promised ‘two lollipop treats in one’ with the chewy bubble gum center surrounded with a crisp sugar shell. David Klein invented the flavor-packed jelly beans in 1976, and three years later, the Twix chocolate bars landed on the American shelves.

The ’80s

Put on your Walkman headphones as we take a trip to some nostalgic candy mints. Nestle blesses us with a gift of Runts, popular trick or treats candies during Halloween. The Jelly beans are increasingly popular with Nixon’s love for the sugar-free flavors. Oh, the Skittles! What would the world be without good old Skittles? Since landing on the American shores in 1979, Skittles have flown over the rainbow. The fruit-flavored chewy candies allowed you to feel the rainbow, actually taste the rainbow. The T.T Extra-Terrestrial popularizes the Reece’s Pieces with a peanut buttercup. Everyone enjoys a mouthful of Pop Rocks that crack and dissolve into a sugary bliss.

The ’90s

The 1990’s are filled with joy and nostalgia. The anticipation of a new millennium brings excitement while the technological advancement brought a feeling of nostalgic pride. As you appreciate the Windows 95 on your PC, Reece brings in the Nutrageous candy bar. Twix and Skittles still control people’s hearts. The black-cherry warheads reminisce the Zotz sour bombs of the ’60s.Friends dare each other to excruciating tongue burns.


Retro candies provide an exciting experience as we think back to the first time we tasted a specific chocolate bar. Getting assorted decade retro candy on your wedding candy bar menu may spice up the reception party. Bring back the fun and sweetness with some traditional mint rolls.

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