Looking For a Used Reefer Trailer to Buy

Looking For a Used Reefer Trailer to Buy

The modern transportation industry is critical for delivering many tons of cargo for various shippers, such as delivering raw materials to factories or delivering finished products to warehouses. Some of the larger carrier companies boast vehicles such as ships, which can make deliveries to the world’s ports, or jets, which can make very fast deliveries over any type of terrain. Down on the ground, meanwhile, trains can deliver many tons of goods by rail. But what about semi trucks? Most carrier companies are on the smaller side, and though they can’t afford large vehicles, they can afford to buy and run fleets of these trucks for convenient and timely deliveries. Many shippers need these trucks to transport goods to and from their locations, and truck trailers can be specialized for certain jobs. Take reefer units, as an example, which are part of a large market. But what is a reefer trailer, and how to choose a used reefer? A carrier company owner will certainly want to find the best ones on the market to add to their truck fleet when the time comes.

All About Carrier Reefers

A reefer trailer is a specialized truck trailer designed to carry cold and other temperature-sensitive items inside. Such trailers feature not only insulated walls to keep external warmth out, but they also have air conditioner units that can chill the interior to any necessary temperature. Most often, these air conditioners can cool the air to -20 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, these trailers may range in size from 28 to 53 feet in length, and the largest models may be up to 13.5 feet tall and weigh as much as 44,000 pounds. Often, they are used to deliver a lot of cold food items such as frozen food, meats, and dairy for grocery store clients.

All of this makes for a large business that is still growing around the world. Such reefers are always in high demand, and in the United States alone, over 500,000 of them are currently in operation. And each year, the total number of orders grows, such as the 250% increase in reefer trailer orders from January 2017 to January 2018. Worldwide, the market for refrigeration units weighed in at $5 billion as of 2015, and experts predict that from 2016 to 2022, this market will enjoy a CAGR of 4.8%. This means the market may reach a value of $7.65 billion by the year 2022, showing just how in demand these trailers are. So, how to choose a used reefer for sale? This is a question for carrier company owners who are ready to take part in this lucrative trade and add reefer units to their truck fleets. Many options may be available.

How to Choose a Used Reefer Trailer

An interested wholesale buyer who isn’t yet sure how to choose a used reefer is urged to research the field and see how many potential clients are in the area, and see if the potential business could justify the expense of buying a reefer unit. If so, the buyer can look online to find some local models, and consider new trailers, gently used ones, or both, to maximize their options. New trailers will cost the most, but they will be in excellent condition and will have factory warranties in place, too. A gently used unit may be bought at a discount, though the buyer is urged to carefully look over the unit in person and check it for faults. This may include its wheels and axles, brake lights, and of course, the air conditioners and their wiring.

As for financing a trailer, big banks don’t often approve loans for small borrowers like truck carrier company owners. Instead, these borrowers can turn to specialized truck lending firms, which understand the risks and have more lenient borrowing terms. Such lenders will look into a borrower’s financial history and check their personal and business credit score, and a lender with good credit may get as much as 100% of the trailer’s value in a loan, and at a low interest rate. Even borrowers with mediocre or poor credit can get loans, though with less favorable terms. Either way, this will be a secured loan, and therefore more attractive to the lender.

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