Edible Crystallized Flowers Aren’t Just Beautiful On Desserts, But They Can Be Good For You Too!

Looking to take your desserts to the next level? Whether you just like baking for yourself, or if you do it professionally, edible crystallized rose petals are something to consider adding to your decoration arsenal.

What Are Crystallized Flowers?

Crystallized edible flowers are exactly as they sound, edible flowers! Yes, you can eat flowers! Crystallized flowers are typically washed and set out to dry before being coated in egg white and sugar. Once they completely dry out they can be used as a stunning addition to many different types of desserts! A couple ideas include:

  • Cupcakes.
  • Cakes.
  • Ice Cream.
  • Cookies.
  • Parfaits.

These make perfect additions to weddings in particular, and can definitely help your desserts stand out from the crowd. However they can also be used for birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, and general get-togethers with your friends! Sometimes you just don’t need an excuse to eat something beautiful and delicious!

Health Benefits

Additionally, those gorgeous edible crystallized rose petals aren’t just for eye candy, numerous flowers can have an array of health benefits. (So you can feel just a bit less guilty for having that extra cupcake.)

  • Rose Petals. Edible crystallized rose petals not only taste good, but they are rich in E and A vitamins. Rose petals have been used throughout history to help mitigate and treat menstrual and digestive disorders, and even today people continue to use rose supplements in their diets.
  • Violets. Violets are also not just beautiful to look at. They contain anti-inflammatory properties and can help promote blood vessel health. In addition to their high potassium content, they also have been used to aid respiratory issues.
  • Hibiscus. We’ve all seen hibiscus tea at the store, but do you know that the flower is actually high in antioxidants? This can help balance cholesterol by reducing the bad and helping raise the good. Additionally, regular consumption can even contribute to healthier skin and hair!

Flowers don’t just look pretty, but they can have an array of surprising benefits. While edible crystallized flowers can be used as a show stopping decoration to all of your dessert, they are also something you can feel a tiny bit good about eating. So why not indulge in that second cupcake, after all the roses are good for you!