Growlers and Taps for Beer

Beer has long stood as a staple drink around the world. In ancient times, it was in fact more of a food item than a recreational drink in places like ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and medieval Europe, being dense in cereals and sometimes having pieces of bread in it. Today, beer is less of a “liquid bread” and much more a recreational drink that has entire industries and lifestyles built up around it, especially in North America and Europe. Many beer brand are out there, offering different flavors of light and dark beer, and mugs, growlers, kegs, barrels, and more can not only carry beer around, but can be stylish and fun. Beer caps and bottles can be collected, neon beer signs can accentuate a home, and beer festivals, especially in Germany, bring beer lovers together for a festival of drink. Today, a growler tap can make beer easy and fun to drink, and a personalized keg and other beer containers can be luxury items.

Who Drinks?

Beer is as popular as ever, and its industry is massive. The United States alone has a craft beer market worth some $23.5 billion, and in the year 2015, the total number of operating breweries in the United States grew about 15%, and this made for a total of 4,269 breweries. This was, in fact, an American record at the time. Americans also seem to prefer local drink; in the year 2015, 85% of beer in the United States was produced domestically, and small brewers are making headway into this market. Independent, small craft brewers represent 12% of the market share of the beer industry, and they can sometimes offer unique, fun flavors to try. And among Americans who can legally drink, 14% of people drink beer at least once per week, and consumers drank 27.5 gallons of cider and beer per person in 2015. With all this beer going around, products like growler taps, insulated growlers, and kegs are important for any beer lover to find a drink.

The Accessories

What is a beer growler? In the 19th century, parents would often send their kids to collect beer from a local brewery, and these young couriers would have metal buckets with lids, or growlers, to collect beer in. On the walk home, the beer inside would slosh and give off carbon dioxide, and the escaping gas would rattle the metal lid, making a sort of growling sound (hence the name). Then, as the 20th century progressed, rubber gaskets and other sealing technology allowed growlers to be better contained and keep their contents fresher for longer, and today, growlers are not only great for keeping contents fresh, but they can be customized.

Beer growlers are convenient for any beer drinker to take a brew home in an easily transported container, such as taking a draught from a keg and storing it in the growler, then taking it home like a reusable bottle. Such growlers can be customized for a beer enthusiast’s tastes, and can be fun or stylish and make a growler unique. This also means that growlers can make for great gifts to any beer lover, and someone may even collect growlers and have personal favorites among them.

For added style, a growler tap can make a growler easier to drink from, especially if it is a larger growler, and this allows experience from using keg taps to carry over. A growler tap may not be even needed for a smaller growler, but it is up to the owner if a growler tap is needed. And where taps are concerned, an amateur brewer can use customize-able tap labels for barrels to tell the contents apart from each other. Such blank taps can be bought, and customized labels can easily be slid into their displays and used to mark any beer barrel.