5 Popular Trends Taking Over the Alcohol Industry

There’s no doubt that alcohol beverage consumption is popular across America. Statistics show that there are over 97 million consumers of liquor throughout the United States. Whether you prefer spirits or beer, there are certainly many options available. With that in mind, it’s understandable to wonder what upcoming alcohol beverage trends will soon take over the market. In this post, you’ll learn more about five of this year’s most popular alcohol trends.

  • Cognac Receives a Marketing Makeover

    For a few years, cognac has fallen out of favor with many drinkers. As trends and tastes change, the popularity of certain alcoholic beverages often follows. While cognac is still a great spirit enjoyed by many, it appears this beverage will soon receive a makeover. Cognac makers across the world are wanting to target millennials. This beverage has the statistics to back up its upcoming popularity. In fact, nearly 200 million bottles of cognac were exported throughout the world during 2017.
  • IPAs Continues to Reign Over the Craft Beer Market

    Statistics show that independent craft brewers made for a 12% market share of the entire beer industry. One of the most popular beverages in the world of craft beer is the IPA. If you’re a fan of beer, you’ve likely heard of the IPA or India pale ale. The refreshing IPA continues to remain extremely popular. However, this popularity now means that the IPA market is beginning to segment. While amazing IPAs have primarily come out of the west coast, it appears the eastern United States is becoming stiff competition. Therefore, you might be seeing more IPAs at liquor stores across the country.
  • The Timeless Lager is Making a Major Comeback

    Not every customer is a fan of IPAs. Considering that, these customers might be happy to know that lagers are making a huge comeback. Liquor stores across the United States are noticing that lagers are continuing to be hot sellers. Even certain brewers are beginning to produce lagers, some who haven’t done this in years. You could soon find more of this crisp and mellow beer on store shelves.
  • Local Brew Continues to Remain Popular

    Throughout both the food and beverage industries, many people are showing their support for locally. This is certainly true within the alcoholic beverage industry. Therefore, many liquor stores are continuing to include more beverages from local brewers. While you’ve likely heard of local beers, there are spirit manufacturers also capitalizing on this trend. The next time you’re visiting a liquor store, check the labels for local spirits.
  • Major Brewers Turn Artisanal

    Data from 2015 found that craft brewers produced 24.5 million barrels. In addition, this helped lead to a 16% increase in retail dollar value. Considering that, it’s not only smaller brewers who are creating craft beer. In fact, many large brewing companies are working to capture back customers taken from craft brewers. The larger companies are arguing that their experience in this industry outweighs the efforts of newer and smaller competitors. It remains to be seen who will win the beverage battle between craft and large scale brewers.

In conclusion, there are many new alcohol trends to watch out for. Many people prefer to shop at family owned at operated liquor stores. This allows you to help those who live and work in your community. These locations are often able to carry a wider variety of spirits. This is great for adults wanting to try something new. If you’re looking to find a wide range of alcoholic beverages made by local craft suppliers, visit family owned and operated liquor stores.