Coffee Systems for Work An Essential Ingredient for Success

If you took a poll of U.S. employees in a business setting and asked them what they considered to be one of the main benefits of a workplace, what do you think the reply would be? The company benefits? The 401k plan? Vacation time? Sick leave?

Well, no doubt these would be very important factors. But another very important–and high ranking–response would also appear: many would agree that one of the most important benefits available to any employee in the workplace is the opportunity to have good coffee service in the employee lounge.

In fact, coffee systems at work seem to be a significant staple to help employees stay on task: 46% of workers say it keeps them productive in the U.S. workplace. And if you’ve ever had that foggy feeling before your first cup of coffee in the morning, it’s not your imagination. Studies have shown that word identification and phrasing is heightened and improved with a serving of 200 mg of caffeine, as opposed to those who do not have any caffeine!

Another advantage to office coffee systems for work is employee satisfaction at having good quality coffee and tea on-site, instead of having to leave the building and take work time to go to a well-known coffee chain for a beverage during the work day. While it is sometimes nice to go out during the work day, it is much easier to visit the employee lounge, or cafeteria, for a coffee. There, it is readily available and can be enjoyed, after which the employee returns to their assigned work refreshed. Doesn’t this sound nicer than fighting traffic, crowds and lines and/or inclement weather? Of course this is preferable!

With all these facts and statistics, clearly the individual(s) responsible for providing coffee systems for work–and tea as well–has quite a responsibility! Making sure there are enough office coffee supplies is a pivotal role in the functioning of the entire business! Pleasing everyone by having enough office coffee cups and other office coffee supplies such as sugar, cream milk and stirrers is crucial to employee morale. But the main ‘ingredient’ in keeping everyone happy and productive is definitely making sure that the office coffee maker is working perfectly!

Coffee services for offices and business, as well as other commercial coffee systems for work are obviously an aspect of the workplace that sets the tone for productivity. A nice set-up creates a good environment that refreshes employees. And, interestingly, research shows that the most productive employees take a 17-minute break for every 52 minutes they work (study done by the Desktime, a time-tracking app).

How interesting, that coffee and tea are conduits to discovering employees thriving in a workplace. Here’s to coffee systems for work that create a better atmosphere and a more pleasing setting for employees–as long as someone makes sure that supplies never run out!