There’s Only One Way to Celebrate National Ice Cream Month

Ice cream

The maximum amount of ice cream is produced in June. And July is National Ice Cream month. Anyone think there might be a connection? Actually, even without a special law, July is a good month for ice cream. The long, lazy days just go better with some cold ice cream and fresh fruit on the side. Just stock up on supplies – ice cream spoons, cups, lids and you’re all set to become the star of the summer. When it comes to ice cream supplies in the summer, it helps to be prepared.

Yes, there is a law
It was in 1984 that the U.S. congress passed a law declaring July to be National Ice Cream Month. It actually enjoins Americans to observe the day with ?appropriate ceremonies and activities?. Not surprisingly, that’s been taken to mean eating plenty of ice cream and related products, like sundaes, desserts, gelato, frozen yogurt and so on. Not that anyone needed a law or a special day to encourage them to eat ice cream.
But it gives the International Ice Cream Association (IICA) something fun to do, besides regular boring stuff like legislative and regulatory advocacy, market research, education and training. Come July and they have a chance to do what they like best, sharing their passion for the sweet, frozen desserts with the world at large.

How much ice cream is too much?
There must be a limit to how much ice cream you can eat, but everyone needs to find their own. A total of about 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream and similar desserts are made each year. And as many as 90% of households eat these almost every week.
In fact, on average, Americans eat ice cream 28.5 times each year. Even though summer is peak season, it’s a year round comfort food. Or a party food. Or any kind of celebration food. Or a spending the evening in front of the TV kind of food. In fact, there’s always a good reason to eat ice cream.

Time to stock up on ice cream party supplies
To coin a phrase, the party is where the ice cream is. Just be sure to have enough ice cream spoons, cups and lids for everyone. There’s something about ice cream that just encourages fun and spontaneity. Like adding cherries or little paper umbrellas to the top of a simple sundae, or using brightly colored ice cream spoons to bring a smile to your guests? faces.

So is the cup of ice cream sundae half empty or half full? We’re tempted to say that ice cream eaters can’t help being optimists at heart. The icy combination of milk and sugar surely means that good days are just around the corner, or they’re already here and just hiding under the table and ready to spring out at you. It’s July and time to grab your brightly colored ice cream spoons. Summer’s half gone, but there’s still half left to enjoy.