Insulated Cups Are an Increasingly Popular Gift Item and Marketing Product

Beer gifts

Your 20 year old daughter commented that she really did not know that her parents where that cool. And while she did not really mean it as an insult, she really was surprised that her nearly 60 year old parents knew to purchase insulated growlers for the Christmas grab bag gifts. One in black for the makes and one in red for the females, both insulated growlers were wrapped in boxes with power strips for the car as well.
Not surprising, the stainless steel growlers were a hit. Although the white elephant gift exchange has a limit of three steals, there was still quite a bit of negotiating once the formal gift giving was complete. The fact that your gifts, one for the guys side and one for the gals side, included the mug and a travel power strip that included several USB ports meant that it was a great gift for nearly everyone in the family.
More and More Americans Are Looking for Ways to Make Sure They Are Drinking Enough Liquids

In a time when too many Americans are overweight and living less than healthy lifestyles, it should come as no surprise that an increasing number of Americans are looking for ways to stay fit while they get the exercise that they need. And while many insulated growlers are offered as a marketing item by the beer producers of America, these insulated cups can also help people get the water that they need to drink.
Unfortunately, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that only 21.7% of adults get the recommended amount of aerobic and muscle-strengthening exercise. When they do increase the amount of exercising that they do, many still fail to make sure that they drink enough liquids. As a result, insulated mugs are a popular way to make sure that ice cold water is always available.

Whether you are trying to impress your 20 year old daughter with a trendy Christmas exchange gift or you are looking for a way to make sure that you stay hydrated during your morning workouts, an insulated growler might be the perfect answer.