Add an Edible Flower Candy to Make Your Dish more Exciting

Eatable flowers

When preparing food for children, it is best to have six different food colors and seven different food components to make the meal more pleasing and more likely they will eat it. Adults, however, prefer three different food colors and three different food components.

A fun and simple way to add colors and components to a child’s meal is by including edible flowers. There are roughly one hundred common garden flowers that are both edible and delicious. You can even turn edible flowers into candy making them a fun treat for children.

Many parents express having trouble getting the child to try new things. However, children are endlessly trying to eat things that are not food. Offering them edible flower candy may be an intriguing way to get them to try something new by giving them something that isn’t typically seen as a food. However, it is important to teach them to only eat the flowers you provide, so they don’t try to eat flowers they find outside.

An edible candy flower is typical crystallized flowers. This is a simple process of adding sugar crystals making the flowers sweet and flavorful. You can easily make and eat a crystallized pansy, a crystallized rose, or even a crystallized viola.

An edible flower candy can be added to cakes or cupcakes making them breathtakingly beautiful. They can also be added as garnish to the plate providing a sweet treat at the end of a meal.

When making an edible flower candy, it is important to choose flowers that were grown organically to avoid adding pesticides to the treat, which can be poisonous, but can also impact the taste of the flower.

It is also very important to read up on flowers and learn what flowers are edible. Like any other plant, some flowers are poisonous and can cause mild to severe health problems. Some flowers may be edible, but have a horrible taste, so you want to avoid those as well.

You can add edible flowers for salads making the salad even more enticing. You can also use edible flowers as tea. Flower crystals and herb crystals can enhance a wide range of meals.

The best option when choosing flowers for an edible candy flower, may be to go through a reputable grower than can point you in the right direction and ensure how the flowers have been grown.