Streamline the Event-Planning Process with a Facility That Provides Corporate Catering

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How often does your company host corporate events? Whether these events are held in a meeting room or outdoors for an annual picnic, chances are that your company hosts several of these events every year.

In addition to regular team-building meetings, your company may also have a well-established employee recognition program. You may be aware that companies with effective employee recognition programs have noted an increase in worker happiness. A recent survey showed that this was the case with 86% of the participating companies.

The results from a Dinova survey showed that 73% of the participants said their company had an annual picnic, which can provide an excellent way for employees to get to know each other better in a more relaxed setting. While some companies may spend even more on these events, approximately 43% have reported spending $50,000.00. Whether companies hosted annual picnics or other types of corporate events, 78% offered vegetarian options to their employees.

There are a variety of ways to recognize employees for their individual and collective contributions. While some companies may have annual picnics, others will show how much they value their employees in other ways, such as employee appreciation days complete with catering services.

When your company has business meetings, it’s nice to provide meals along with other refreshments. In addition to being convenient, it can also save valuable time. When these meetings begin in the morning and last throughout the day, having breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack catered can assist employees with focusing on the meeting’s agenda without being concerned about when they will be able to eat.

When you need a meeting room to host a conference, employee appreciation day, or another type of event that calls for a corporate catering service, there are a variety of options available. You may, for example, want to provide a buffet-style meal so that your employees can serve themselves. Another option that you may be interested in is having a more formal banquet-style meal. There are a variety of choices available for an event catering menu, which includes vegetarian options.