3 Major Advantages of Using Chocolate for Baking

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Are you a professional baker? Or you bake for fun? Or you’re in an organization that runs regular bake sales and you want to make sure you have fresh treats instead of store-bought ones?

You may already know that buying chocolate for baking is a much better choice than buying bars of chocolate or using a baking mix. But did you know that you can get organic, GMO Free, Kosher certified, rainforest friendly chocolate for baking from a wholesale chocolate supplier? So not only is it certified Pareve chocolate, but it is sold at wholesale prices, perfect for the lover of baking or the owner of a bakery.

Even if you’re not completely familiar the the many advantages of using chocolate for baking, I’ve outlined just a few below for you. If you’re mostly an eater of chocolate and never thought to bake with it, maybe this will spark some inspiration in you!

Three Major Advantages of Using Chocolate for Baking

  • Advantage 1: More control over the flavor. When you buy chocolate for the purpose of baking with it, you are the one in control of how that cake or muffin or brownie turns out. You can choose between white chocolate or dark or a mix. You control the portion size, which influences the texture and taste (more on that in Advantage 2) of what you’re baking. If you are a professional baker using wholesale chocolate for baking allows you to experiment with new creations without worrying about the cost. If you’re just starting out saving this much money through wholesale pricing can help you avoid a big part of your startup costs.

  • Advantage 2: Richer taste. This is such a no-brainer that the thought probably didn’t even register in your head! Well I will say it for you: There is nothing better than using real, pure, chocolate for baking. Not bake mixes, not candy bars, not powder, N-O-T-H-I-N-G. There is no taste more rich than chocolate that has been melted down and baked into a cake or muffin or brownie. If you somehow disagree it is likely that you have yet to taste a cake or brownie that has been made from scratch with chocolate.

  • Advantage 3: Multiple uses! Last but not least, you can use baking chocolate for multiple different things in baking besides the actual mixing of ingredients. You can turn it into frosting for a chocolate cake. Or maybe filling for a muffin or cupcake. You can use it to make the flavor of another creation mroe complex (such as adding chocolate chunks to a strawberry shortcake or using a chocolate filling for a lemon muffin). There are so many possibilities, but one that is not often used is making your own chocolate candies! Those are always a nice addition to an already robust offering at a bakery.

So today we have learned that chocolate is the best use for baking and that we can get wholesale gourmet chocolate expressly for the purpose of baking. What’s the next step? Experimenting of course! Happy baking!