If You’re Heading to Florida, Bring an Appetite

Mexican restaurant south beach

If you happen to be visiting Florida, especially the South Beach area, it won’t take you long at all to notice that there are plenty of options to help you decide where to eat. Where to eat in South Beach depends on what you’re in the mood for. There are so many unique restaurants that offer cuisine for all over the world that you’ll wish you had more time to taste everything, even though that would hardly be likely.

Fish and beef can be found at many restaurants, but chicken tends to be the most popular food. The trick is all in how it is prepared. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a restaurant will serve a chicken recipe that will dazzle the mind and taste buds in equal measure. Americans eat more chicken than any other country on the planet. When it comes to getting the protein they need, Americans turn to chicken more than any other protein source.

Holidays around the United States are always times Americans bring out the special chicken recipes and celebrate. While this is true for most holidays, the week leading up to July 4th is when we really stock up on our chicken. We purchase 700 million pounds during that week leading up to our nation’s birthday and grill it, fry, it and do all kinds of wonderful things to it to make some of the best meals we have all summer long.

Fast food places all around the country rely on chicken as a staple of their menus, as do many caterers. They know that their customers will most likely enjoy their meals and don’t vary too much from the traditional method of frying or baking. In 2015 alone, the US consumed 90.1 pounds of chicken per capita from homecooked meals and unique family recipes to fast food options. But chicken isn’t all we have to offer in American. Certainly states like Florida which have so many different restaurant options from which to choose don’t exclusively rely on the bird to make their menus sing.

When deciding where to eat, visitors love options. They even seek them out when on vacation or business trips. Restaurants that boast extensive menus might be on someone’s list while other folks might want to dine at a location where the restaurant is famous for only a particular dish. In the state of Florida, either of these two options can be entertained in fine style, and then some.

As of 2014, the state of Florida boasted 39,325 places to eat and drink. All types of food are offered up all over the state. From fresh seafood on the coasts to traditional Cuban recipes to everything in between, Florida has it all. In South Beach, the variety is astounding. If you’re visiting, take your time sampling as much of the cuisine of South Beach as you can while you’re there, then start planning your next trip. There is no way you will be able to get to it all.