3 Juice Cleanse Options That Could Change Your Life

Best 5 day juice cleanse plan

If you?re feeling depressed, anxious, or simply tired and out of shape, you don?t have to change your entire life or take a miracle drug to feel better. The answer may lie in something as simple as a juice detox cleanse. The sad fact is that Americans, on average, consume twice the recommended amount of sodium, and 91% of Americans don?t eat their recommended amount of vegetables. Ironically enough, these vegetables Americans are skipping out on are rich in potassium and water, flushing the sodium out of the system and restoring the body?s natural balance. Finding the best 3 day cleanse for you could change your life. So what are your options?

1. The Summer Juice Fast

The Summer Juice Fast might be the best 3 day cleanse for people who want to get rid of all toxins in their bodies. It involves cutting out things like caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, dairy products, grain, and wheat from the diet in the week prior to the cleanse. Then, in the preceding 24 to 28 hours, you ease into raw food only. It also advises a colonic or enema prior to the cleanse, which is why this juicing cleanse may not be for everyone. Recipes include cooling cleansers or alkaline cleansers for breakfast, orange and kiwi for lunch, and beet recipes, among others, for dinner. This cleanse recommends diluting sugary, fruit-bases juices with as much water as there is juice, to reduce sugar absorption. However, remember: 87% of Americans don?t eat the recommended amount of fruit, so don?t shy away from it!

2. Juice Cleanse Delivery

As you can see, the above juicing cleanse plan involves a lot of work and attention to detail that some people ? especially busy professionals and parents ? can?t afford. A busy schedule doesn?t, however, mean that you have to miss out on juicing. The best 3 day cleanse ? or 5 day, or even 1 day ? cleanse for people on the go may be a juice cleanse delivery. These plans can be catered to your needs and delivered to your doorstep, all organized from the comfort of your computer.

3. Joe Cross?s 3 Day Juice Cleanse

Dr. Oz recommends Joe Cross?s 3 day juice cleanse, which, like the first cleanse, is meant to be done on your own. The 3 day cleanse is meant to be done over the weekend, and involves ingredients like carrot, apple, and ginger juice as well as gazpacho juice on the first day alone. This cleanse has you juice 5 times throughout the day. The cons of this are similar to those of the first in that it?s not very accessible for busy people. Some of the juices involved are also difficult to get your hands on. But the choice is yours. No matter which cleanse you choose, you?re sure to detox!

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