Healthy And Delicious The Ins And Outs Of Mexican And Hispanic Cuisine

Cocina latina

Are you a fan of good food, but aren’t sure where to start with cooking your own home dishes? You might want to turn to the cuisine found in Mexico and South America — for centuries Mexican and Hispanic cuisine (and, yes, these are not the same thing!) have regaled the word with their combination of delicious flavors and health benefits. Even your average party is likely to have nachos or quesadillas! Whether you’re thinking of trying paella, want to whip up cake tres leches for a get-together or are just interested in healthy and great tasting food, turn to the cocina latina (Latin American kitchen) for dishes that will do a body right.

Did you know that Hispanics have been found to be more likely to look for the freshest of ingredients compared to non-Hispanics? Farmer’s markets and freshly picked produce have been popular for a long time, adding a freshness that just can’t be found in older or frozen cooking ingredients. America’s heavily industrialized and urbanized culture leads many of its inhabitants to find less time to cook, at 32% of a recent survey, compared to Hispanics at 26%. The best tamale recipe is only as good as its ingredients, so look to your local farmer’s market or grocer if you want a fresh start! If you’re more interested in dessert, consider cake tres leches (known as ‘pan tres leches’ in Spanish, meaning ‘three milk bread’) — it’s a popular and fluffy treat in Central America, made with a combination of milk, butter and cream.

Some of the most common ingredients in many of these dishes also contribute to a multitude of health benefits — avocados offer nearly 20 vitamins and minerals in every single serving, including potassium and folate. A study revealed that, after a week of consuming an avocado rich diet, patients saw a 22% decrease in bad cholesterol and an 11% increase in good cholesterol. Nothing like food that tastes good and is good for you! Americans ate over 150 million avocados during the 2013 Super Bowl alone and show no signs of stopping. The largest segment of ethnic food markets in the U.S. are Mexican, comprising 62% of all aisles, and it’s small wonder why! Now that you’re armed with a little health knowledge (and a few new Spanish words!), what Hispanic food will you add to your kitchen?

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