Thinking About Going Vegetarian? Hummus Makes it an Easy and Delicious Transition

Sun dried tomato hummus recipes

With an ever-increasing threat on our environment, there are more and more reasons to become vegetarian every day. From a health standpoint, research studies like the China Study has shown that animal protein causes cancer in human beings and is responsible for a plethora of downright unnecessary health conditions. And eating meat doesn’t only affect your health: it also contributes to harmful carbon emissions and the senseless murder of innocent animals.
Deciding to become a vegetarian is very easy, but then comes the more difficult question…what the heck do I eat? While animal protein is harmful to humans, not consuming enough protein each day is also harmful. Protein contains essential amino acids that allow our muscles to continue growing strong and healthy. Protein also allows our brains to function at their utmost capacity.
Luckily, vegetarians have a slew of protein options to contend with. Among the most protein and nutrient dense foods, however, are beans. Beans are low in fat, high in fiber, and provide a generous amount of protein per serving. Not only are they healthy and nutritious, but beans are also a versatile food that can be consumed in a number of ways: in salads, curries, hot dishes, and of course, dips.
Among the world of dips, hummus dips are the most protein dense and nutritious food item of all. Hummus spread consists of four whole ingredients: chick peas, olive oil, tahini paste, and garlic. In the Middle East, many authentic hummus recipes are topped with olive oil and fresh herbs for dipping.
As previously states, hummus dips and spreads offer a great deal of nutritional value for those who don’t eat meat. Asides the obvious benefits of protein, there is also a great deal of folate, a nutrient linked to lower incidences of cancer and other dangerous, life threatening diseases.
Hummus is also a versatile food, and vegetarians can make many filling Mediterranean recipes out of hummus. For example, one of the simple but tried and true Mediterranean recipes is a cold appetizer plate, consisting of hummus, grape leaves, babaganoush, and pita bread.
Vegetarianism doesn’t have to be a scary transition. Just provide yourself with filling, delicious and nutritious foods like hummus and the rest will follow.

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