The Best Places to Kick Back With Loved Ones and Enjoy a Delicious Craft Beer

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Are you the sort of person who loves traveling to Great Britain? Chances are, you don’t just go to site-see; you probably enjoy tasting the popular craft beers and delicious pub food. There are many good craft beers in craft beer pubs located in the UK. In fact, an estimated 50,395 pubs were actively operating in the United Kingdom in 2011, attesting to the English’s love of of pubs in general, and popular craft beers in particular.

In layman’s terms, pubs are considered to be taverns serving not only food, but popular craft beers, too. Conversely, bars serve all different kinds of alcohol, not just popular craft beers, as pubs do, and the only food available at a bar is snacky junk food– i.e. peanuts or goldfish crackers. Pubs and bars differ in a historical context, as well
The truth is the word pub is in actuality a shortened iteration of the 19th century term, “public house.” This term originated with the Anglo Saxon alehouse and the transformation of the tied house during the 1800’s. Thus, the evolution of the word pub goes back much farther than many people realize, and its historical origins are not widely known, even amongst pub goers who love popular craft beers.

Another popular bit of trivia concerns English pub names. Though many refer to royal personage, the names of most pubs tend to be short. However, the longest name of any pub serving popular beers in Great Britain is “The Old Thirteenth Cheshire Astley Volunteer Rifleman Corps Inn in Stalybridge.” This beloved establishment is located in Manchester.

Popular craft beers are catching on in the United states lately, as well. Nice dining restaurants provide diners many popular craft beers on tap these days, many of which are American craft beers. It is quite easy to discover good American restaurants serving popular craft beers in the U.S. New pubs are always being reviewed in popular magazines and newspapers. For example, Esquire, recently called The Dead President’s Pub “one of the best restaurants in America.”
the Dead President’s Pub and other similar pubs have many loyal customers who talk up their favorites to friends and family. The upswing in popularity can be partially attributed to fast moving word of mouth. American pubs are excellent places for friends and family to meet up and enjoy popular craft beers, excellent food, and stimulating conversation. More like this article.

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