American Craft Beers in European Pubs

Craft beer pub

Any good beer drinker will tell you pubs are one of, if not the best establishment to enjoy a night of a drinking in. In the UK, there are over 54,000 pubs and over 600,000 people are employed by pubs throughout Europe. In 2004, pubs in Australia earned over 780 million dollars before taxes. These drinking establishments known as pubs are fundamental to Britain, Ireland and Australia, but they are also very popular in the United States of America.

Pubs popularity in the US has a lot to do with their delicious food, usually mirroring menu items from Britain or Ireland, and their variety of delicious american craft beers. Pubs throughout the US can attest much of their success to craft beers, especially those in the New England and east coast area. Many pubs offer a wide selection of wines, spirits and even soft drinks, but it is their variety of american craft beers that grabs most people’s attention. Choosing a restaurant is simple, but finding a good pub with just the right craft beer for your pallet, is a bit more trickier.

As defined by The Brewers Association, American craft brewers are “small, independent and traditional.” It is these three descriptions that gives the american craft beers market it’s unique variety and delicious tastes offering. Each American craft brewer offers it’s niche in the marketplace and whether it be a dark ale or IPA, there are many popular craft beers throughout various American cities. When finding restaurants in your area don’t overlook the great choices and selections of pubs and their varieties of good american craft beers.

Pubs throughout the eastern coast of the Atlantic ocean are some of the best pub areas in all of the world. While similar to their neighbors across the pond, American pubs and their selection of american craft beers will always stand apart from European pubs. It is their singularity and American spin on an European culture that has helped to mold a great nation. While pubs in Europe will always stand the test of time, American pubs with good craft beers are certainly not to be overlooked. Read this for more.

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