What Do You Know About Hummus?

Best hummus recipe

Hummus, which was first created in Cairo, Egypt in the 13th century, has recently become a staple in American cuisine. This is because after the Lebanese Civil War ended in 1990, the Armenian migration introduced hummus to the United States. Hummus is a dip or spread that is available in countless varieties, and since hummus calories are low, this is a healthy food to consume.

– What is hummus? Hummus is comprised mainly of mashed chickpeas, and it also contains lemon juice and tahini, which is sesame seed paste. Fortunately, hummus recipes are easy to alter, which means there are many types of this dip available. Spicy hummus dip, for example, includes red bell pepper and hot red chili pepper, and roasted garlic hummus dip contains savory chunks of roasted garlic. Since hummus spread is modifiable and bursting with flavor, it has been a common food to consume for approximately 800 years.

– Why is hummus healthy? Hummus contains a wide variety of low-calorie, vitamin-packed vegetables, which makes this dip a healthy food option. In fact, two whole tablespoons of traditional hummus contain only 70 calories, and this dip also has healthy amounts of protein, fiber, calcium, and iron. Additionally, hummus contains no trans fat or cholesterol. Hummus even becomes healthier when other vegetables, such as garlic and peppers, are added to the recipes because these vegetables are filled with vitamins A and C. As a result, hummus is a healthy food when it is eaten in moderation.

There are several benefits of consuming hummus. Not only are there countless types of hummus dip available, but this spread has a healthy nutritional value, as well. Since hummus calories are low and this dip comes in an array of flavors, it is no surprise that hummus has remained popular since the 13th century.

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