Ready to Try Something New at Your Local Sushi Restaurant? Start with These Choices

Sushi is becoming very popular among a lot of people. Some people have the misconception that sushi is raw fish, but the truth is that it is sashimi that is raw fish, not sushi. Sushi can sometimes include raw fish, but it often does not. Also, people should be aware that if sushi does include raw fish, it is generally prepared in such a way that the fish is not going to make people sick.

If you want to know more about sushi and how to get it, you might have any questions. For example, you might wonder, what are the best Japanese restaurants in my area? Where can I find the best options for food delivery sushi near me? How do I get sushi delivered to me quickly? What are the best restaurants that deliver sushi? What are some options for sushi delivery close to me?

Most of the time, the answers to these questions are going to depend a lot on where you live, so it will be a good idea for you to do some location-specific research. You might want to call some Japanese restaurants in your area and see what they are willing to offer to you.

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Without a doubt, sushi is one of America’s top cuisines. Whereas before it was seen as something of a niche food that only foodies would bother with, today it is enjoyed all over the country. In fact, according to the most recent statistics from IBIS World, there are nearly 4,000 sushi restaurants in the United States, serving a population that spends more than $2 billion a year on their favorite food at their local sushi restaurants.

Unfortunately, many people find that after a few trips to the good sushi restaurants in their neighborhoods, they’ve had just about everything there is to eat. However, as anyone who has been to the best sushi restaurants in Japan and around the world can tell you, there is so much more to good sushi restaurants than California rolls and all the other Americanized dishes most typically order. Here are three such dishes you should try at your favorite sushi restaurant to completely reshape the way you think about sushi.

Three Delicious Dishes You Should Try at Your Local Sushi Bar

    1. Natto Sushi

Without a doubt, natto, a type of fermented soy bean, is one of the strangest Japanese foods there are. As writes, natto is made by wrapping soy beans together with a type of bacteria in straw. After fermenting, the beans have a tender, sticky texture and an extremely potent flavor. When put with rice and seaweed, the flavor mellows out, making for a delicious, healthy piece of sushi.

    1. Kanimiso Sushi Roll

For LA Weekly, kanimiso, or crab marinated in miso paste, is one of the most underrated types of sushi around. Fresh chunks of crab are piled into the center of a piece of rice and nori roll after having been marinated in sweet, salty miso for a day. The result is a slightly salty, filling bit of sushi that won’t impact your waistline.

    1. Sea Urchin Hand Rolls

Sea urchin, according to the Sushi Encyclopedia, is said to be one of Japan’s specialty types of sushi. With the creamy texture of a soft cheese and the popping flavors of thousands of packets of ocean-enriched flesh, sea urchin is widely considered to be one of the most flavorful, if somewhat confusing, mouth-fulls of sushi you can eat anywhere.

Are there any other unusual types of sushi you’ve enjoyed at good sushi restaurants near you that you’d recommend to others? Sound off in the comment section below! For more information, read this website:

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