How to Find Commercial Kitchen Equipment

How to Find Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Updated: 6/2/22

There are various ways to find full restaurant kitchen equipment. The general idea is that you want to try and find a restaurant supply store that is as large as possible. Large prime suppliers mean a lower price for you in all kitchen tools. These companies will have more inventory available in their warehouses.

The first way to find commercial kitchen equipment is simply through word of mouth from a chef or restaurant owner. This is probably the most time-efficient way of finding restaurant equipment sales and service. In addition, it will be easier for you to locate advanced kitchen equipment.

The second method of finding commercial kitchen equipment suppliers is to find them online. There are a lot of websites that deal specifically with commercial kitchen equipment. There are always classified ads from business owners looking for products or services that they need. Another way to find commercial kitchen equipment suppliers is through your local newspaper.

This is a great way to get professional services and equipment at discount prices. To find commercial kitchen equipment suppliers, try using these methods when searching for them. Doing so will ensure maximum efficiency in finding what you are looking for and getting it at a great price.

Drawings and plans for any kitchen design

If you run a restaurant or a catering company, you’ve got too much to worry about to be concerned about your commercial kitchen and catering gear. But neglecting commercial kitchen maintenance can have a number of adverse effects that can end up costing you down the line. Whether you’re looking for help with your kitchen planning and layout or want some help with your current commercial kitchen design, here are some tips for taking care of your equipment, and finding a service that can help you access the maintenance you need.

One of the first areas you should focus on in any commercial kitchen is the walls: hygienic wall cladding reduces the number of bacteria present in a kitchen and also provides an easy surface for cleaning. This limits the number of bacteria that can possibly transfer to food. Additionally, commercial kitchen wall cladding is often cheaper than conventional tiles.

Next, consider your tools, from your commercial refrigeration equipment to your commercial kitchen extraction canopy. Almost all of your equipment should be cleaned and repaired by a professional at least twice a year; commercial ventilation hoods, for example, should be cleaned twice a year for safety and sanitation reasons. Commercial catering ovens, on the other hand, should be calibrated at least once a month to ensure regular high performance.

You should also consider having the rest of your equipment professionally cleaned and maintained as well: while harsh chemicals can often damage the finish or structure of a commercial refrigerator, professional cleaners are often equipped with proper tools to ensure that commercial kitchen equipment will not be damaged. Additionally, by having a service on call to ensure that your equipment is clean and functioning, you are less likely to need repairs or be left waiting for a company repair man to arrive in time for you to prepare food.

So, whether you’re trying to plan out a kitchen or want to redesign one already built, there are a number of tools and services to help you do it: hygienic kitchen wall cladding, for example, is cheaper than conventional tiles and can decrease the spread of bacteria in your establishment. And by hiring a professional cleaning and maintenance service, your equipment will perform better and last longer. If you were looking for help with your kitchen, you’ve found it: now go build an amazing commercial kitchen.

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