Are You Getting Custom Cakes for Your Event? A Few Points to Keep in Mind

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Nutella is celebrating its 50th anniversary this Monday, and in honor of the special day, cronut inventor Dominique Ansel is potentially unleashing a stampede by creating cronut holes with nutella in the middle. Lines for the cronut still wrap around the block, and it’s been a year since its debut. Ansel is planning to give away just 2,000 of these cronut holes at Nutella’s 50th Anniversary event in Broadway Pedestrian Plaza this upcoming Monday.

While most of us may have trouble getting our hands on an original cronut, it’s safe to say that there are great bakeries in every city. If you’re planning a special event, like Nutella did for their anniversary, there are few better ways to celebrate than with a delicious pastry or cake treat. Here are a few things you can keep in mind for planning your event and choosing the appropriate treats.

Finding the Right Mini Pastries

Mini pastries are popular because they’re bite sized and easy to eat without feeling too guilty. They’re great for office parties or a fancy home brunch. Something to ask when you look for a bakery: where do the pastries come from? if they’re baked fresh daily, great. If they’re taken out of a freezer and thawed, you might want to move on.

Choosing Custom Made Cakes

If your event has a decent budget, you might opt for a custom cake instead. These can be a great way to celebrate an event — not only will they be very memorable, but they’re going to taste better than a store-bought cake mix by far. If you’re going to get a custom cake, though, don’t go to the discount grocery store and ask their bakery to do it — thats a cake wreck waiting to happen. Shop around for a baker with affordable options and a good portfolio, and place the order ahead of time.

Ordering Unique Wedding Cakes

Similar to the above recommendation, if you’re looking for a bakery that does custom wedding cakes, it’s not a task that should be taken lightly. Each baker has a unique style and you should consult with them to plan out the perfect cake for your occasion. The average wedding cake costs about $450, though this number can obviously vary widely depending on a wide range of factors. Seasonal cake flavors will cost you more than vanilla, while a less decorated cake will cost you less than one with delicate flowers over every inch.

Have you ever bought a custom cake or mini pastries for an event? Let us know in the comments. Read more.

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