What Goes With Guacamole

Classic guacamole recipes

You are hosting a party and the guest list features some people with picky palettes. You need a snack that can please any party guest. Look into recipes with guacamole and enjoy the snack that can make everyone happy.

Guacamole is traditionally served as a condiment, salad ingredient and dip. Fresh guacamole dips can be paired with a variety of foods including potato chips and pita bread. The best guacamole dips include hummus wing and 5-Layer Jalapeno dip. Wing dip goes perfect with chicken wings and takes only five minutes to prepare. Five-layer jalapeno dip is perfect for those who are hosting a large gathering. The best Jalapeno dip can serve 12 people and can include a variety of ingredients including sour cream, salsa and cheddar cheese.

There are a variety of recipes using guacamole, including classic guacamole recipes. Classic guacamole recipes can take only 20 minutes. Guacamole contains several different ingredients including avocados, tomatoes and cilantro. Guacamole can be used with a variety of entrees including Cedar Planked Salmon, Lettuce Wraps and Smoked Turkey sandwich. For those looking to add more of a bite to their snack, check out spicy guacamole dip. Spicy guacamole dip traditionally contains Jalapeno or Red Bell Peppers and unique spices.

The biggest benefit of guacamole is its nutritional value. Guacamole is a low fat, kosher, gluten free product. Guacamole can provide 100% of your daily intake of Vitamin C and has no cholesterol. Prepared and fresh guacamole is available in a variety of food stores, and can be purchased refrigerated. Guacamole can be frozen and preserved by high pressure packaging.

There are a variety of recipes with guacamole that can be perfect for a variety of tastes. Whether you like guacamole as a snack of part of a meal, check out your options. Guacamole goes with a variety of dishes, so find the right recipe for you and your guests. Learn more.

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