Industry Report The Size and Share of the United States Confectionery Market

Industry Report  The Size and Share of the United States Confectionery Market

The confectionery industry meets the increasing customers’ desires for sweets. As of 2010, the industry in the U.S. expanded hosting 3,365 nut stores and confectionaries. The U.S. Census Bureau reported that over 1,100 ventures specialized in making chocolate and cocoa treats. For this reason, the consumption of chocolate and candies is a primary research area. Studies illustrate that 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate is consumed in America annually, which accounts for more than 11 pounds per person. Here’s a complete overview of the industry for candies and chocolate in the U.S.

1. Gourmet Candy as the Perfect Gift for Different Occasions

Exchanging presents on special events is a global tradition. However, individuals are often uncertain of what to present as gifts. Here’s a sneak peek. The next time you have to give someone a gift, consider a gourmet candy. Usually, giving gourmet candy as a gift is intriguing because of various reasons. First, everyone enjoys sweet treats. As such, giving candies is a surefire manner to spread love and joy.

Additionally, gourmet candies are perfect for almost every occasion, including winter holidays, kids’ birthdays, and housewarming parties. In that case, you should fumble no more. The next time you attend children’s birthday parties, ensure to bring kid-friendly gummy candy. Children will surely have a great time with these perfect gifts.

2. Gourmet Lollipops: The Best Original Flavors

Are you looking for a new sensational gourmet lollipop flavor? In the past, lollipops were made with few flavor alternatives. However, you can now acquire lollipops from mocha-flavored to natural cherry. With this, the scope for lollipop flavors have been expanded to accommodate the taste needs for everyone.

There are multiple original and best gourmet lollipop flavors, with new tasty options. The top listed gourmet lollipops include the cotton candy original gourmet lollipop, strawberry-shortcake lollipop, pink-lemonade original gourmet lollipop, and watermelon lollipops. However, you are not restricted to these flavors because the list is endless. Upon speculation, you will notice that there are multiple other best-rated gourmet lollipop flavors such as butterscotch sundae and juicy grape original lollipops.

3. What Are the Proven Health Advantages of Dark Chocolate?

Dark chocolate contains nutrients, which can be beneficial to your health. Dark chocolate is manufactured for the cocoa tree seed, which is medically important as an antioxidant. Additionally, dark chocolates without sugar are essential in lowering the risk of heart illnesses. Because dark chocolates contain flavanols, they can result in endothelium stimulation causing the artery lining to produce nitric acid. With this, they are beneficial in enhancing blood flow and lowering blood pressure.

4. Recognizing Mint Candy as the Best Candy

When it comes to candy preferences, the question often revolves around chocolate candy, gourmet candy, or fruit candy. The question is biased. The truth is that the best candy is mint candy. The reason for this verdict is that mints are light, refreshing, and delicious. As such, it is annoying that mint candies do not get the credit they deserve. Essentially, there should be justice for junior mints. For the record, mint candies are the most appropriate confectionary type to eat at a movie theatre.

5. Trick and Treat Halloween History: Why We Give Candy

As we know, Halloween is a Pagan and Christian mash-up of influences. As such, it depicts different meanings for different individuals. However, one commonality stands. It is the time where kids are permitted to go out begging for candy.

From history, Halloween remains a candy holiday today. In 2018, Americans spent approximately $9 billion to purchase candies during Halloween. Usually, parents acquire different candy types include gourmet lollipops, gourmet candy, and chocolates in preparation for the onslaught of candy-seekers.

6. Candy Buffet Fun Ideas

To have a sweet party, you need to come up with fun ideas for a candy buffet. A candy buffet is a unique manner to give guests their sugar fix without necessarily stressing them. Here are tips to make your candy buffet more attractive. First, you should choose the color to make your candy buffet. Often, attractive colors are recommended. Upon the selection of the color, the choosing of the candy type is also vital. In this case, you can choose gourmet candy, lollipops, or taffy. The setup is what makes the buffet attractive.